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Hello Everyone!

If you ever read my two 'crafty haul' posts (which if you haven't you can see HERE and HERE) you may be wondering what my plans were for said craft material. Well, here we have it. I made some Christmassy candle jars which I'm going to give away as presents.

The ones which I used paint on took me ages because you have to wait for each section to completely dry before you can move on. The circular surface of the jars didn't help either as glass paint is so watery it kept running. Anyway, I'm happy with the jars, they could have been better if I'd had the time to spend about a week on each of them but that's not ideal and waiting for things to dry is a nightmare. 

The first one I made is this 'Christmas scene' painted one. I have another one like this which I'm half way through making at the moment but they're going to be pretty identical so you only need to see one. One side has a house and a tree and the other side is a huge moon with Santa's sleigh and some reindeer. 

This one is so cute when it's all lit up (I tested each of them then cleaned them out again), the pictures reflect on the wall behind them which is something I didn't anticipate when I was making them. I just think this one is really cute and wintery. It's a shame that the recipients will have to put these away after Christmas. :( All my hard work... didn't think about that either.

This one took the longest to make definitely, but that payed off because it's also my favourite.
I'll most likely give this one to my nana!

Next, it this leaf/snowflake jar. My mums friend gave me these fake leaves to use after she's been told I'd made THIS leaf candle holder which I'm still very fond of, you may have seen in it the background of my recent pictures!

To glue the leaves on I mixed PVA glue with black and purple glitter. I really like the effect that created but it looked a bit plain so I drew on some snowflakes too. This is also a lovely candle when it's lit up. It's very cosy and festive.

I've been told by Tom that I should give this one to his mum as she'll be more likely to keep it up all year round. So I hope she'll enjoy this.

This one is my least favourite. It kind of went wrong when I added too much silver glitter to the glue in the same way I did the previous one. It just doesn't look like there's any leaves on it. It just looks like a big blog of silver glitter. I'm quite sad because it looked really nice before I put the glitter on. 

It may be my least favourite but it's actually my mum's most favourite which is really weird. To break up the silver I drew on some holly with glitter glue and some snowflakes.

Thankfully when it's lit up you can see the leaves which might be a surprise to the person who receives this one if they didn't notice them before...

One of the first jars that I made, which I've decided to keep for myself, if this one.

I was just experimenting with the paints on this one really so it's not as good as the others which is why I've kept it. It has a snowman, a tree, a sledge and some reindeer on it!

You can see int he picture below that the paintings reflect on things, it looks really cute!

I also made these two small jars which I'll probably give away together. The holly one has a few different Christmas drawings on it like candy canes and a little christmas tree and the other one if just snowflakes which I draw with Tipp-Ex! 

I bought some candles and tea lights for the inside of the jars. I kept them unscented incase I bought a scent that someone didn't like. The bigger ones are for the large jars because I realised it was really awkward trying to get a tea light in them. And the tea lights are for the small jars!

I also picked up these stones from Ikea. The packed of stones was about 75p which I've layered the bottom of the jars with to keep the candle in place. The green and silver fine stones are to add some sparkle on top of the stones!

This one is the inside of the Christmas scene jar. I really love the silver stones, it looks kind of like snow!

This is the inside of the dark leaf jar. I added the big stones and some green small stones. 

They're all really heavy now with stones in them too! I'm going to put them in wine bags to give them away because I don't think wrapping them is practical. I really hope that people enjoy these gifts after the effort I put into making them, they took me ages. I still have a few more to make, I'm half way through another paint one and I'll probably make some more leaf ones because they're easy!

Do you like to receive hand made gifts for Christmas?

Hope you enjoyed reading this and hopefully I've published it with enough time for you to make your own if you decide to. Everything I used is from either Hobbycraft which you can see links to in the craft haul posts linked above and Ikea!

See you next time, 
Leanne x

P.S. Look at this angry pancake:


  1. They look so cool! I wish I was good at drawing! x

  2. What an awesome idea! The jar with the leaves is really pretty, especially with the lit candle inside!! I definitely want to try this! Maybe for valentine's day :D

    Michelle Wore This

    1. Thank you! Valentines day ones would be really cute, good idea! x

  3. This is such a nice idea! :)
    Love your blog and just followed :)

    Merry Christmas
    -Renee xx


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