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Hello Everyone!

If you saw my Benefit Little Love Potions POST last month, you may be interested in this post too. I thought I'd write a little review on the gift set as a whole and tell you some of my personal favourites! Just in case you're still on the edge about buying it! 

So for in depth details about what you get in this gift set, I'd recommend you visit my last post, HERE, because that's got a lot more information than this post will have. 

In the gift set you receive: 

'It's Potent' eye cream
'High Beam' highlighter
'Stay don't Stray' concealer/eyeshadow primer
 'That Gal'
'The POREfessional'
'What's up' stick highlighter
'Hoola' bronzer
'Ultra Plush' lipgloss in 'Hoola'
'Badgal Lash'

This gift set retails at £29.50 (Debenhams) and you get 10 sample size products in it. That works out at about £3 per product which I don't think is too bad. However, I must say that I think the £30 price tag is a bit steep. I had a £10 voucher so that kind of cushioned the blow a bit, I don't know whether I would have bought it without the voucher. 

Having said that, I'm pleased that I did buy it. I wanted to try a few things from Benefit and I think a set like this is a great way to do so. You get a great variety of different products so you're getting a good overall view of the brand. 

Products I really enjoy:

First of all, I've been really loving the primers. Mostly the POREfessional one but I have used the That Gal and I enjoyed that too. They are both very long wearing and they definitely help your makeup stay on all day. I love the texture of the POREfessional, it leaves your skin so smooth and helps your foundation glide on effortlessly. I think I'd seriously consider buying the full size of that product. That Gal was great once all my makeup was applied but it did feel a bit weird and sticky at first. 

I've also been loving the What's Up stick highlighter. This is such a beautiful highlighter. It's kind of champaign in colour which is different to all my frosty toned highlights. I said in one of my previous posts that I thought this would be nice in the summer but I've been using it almost daily since I bought it. Unusual for me because highlight isn't something I usually reach for. I would like to have the full size of this but I don't think I would buy it only because I have so many highlights already. This sample size is perfect for on your brow bone as it is the perfect size!

I also like the Hoola bronzer. I haven't been using this as much as my other two favourites but I really enjoy the colour of it. As a fair skinned person I find bronzers ridiculously dark for me but this one adds a nice warm tone to my complexion without making my face not match my neck... (Picture above is quite a concentrated swatch. It isn't that dark blended out and applied lightly).

Products I don't enjoy: 

I really don't like the Badgal Lash mascara. I don't know what it is about Benefit mascaras but I just don't mix with them. Like the They're Real mascara, I found that the brush was too big and the brisstles were too soft to do anything other than coat my lashes with colour. There was no actual effect as far as I can tell. I'm just not a fan. I'll be sticking to my MaxFactor haha!

Products I haven't tried:

I am still yet to try the It's Potent eye cream. I do want to try this but I don't have an eye cream in my current routine so I just tend to forget at night time to use it and I'm not sure whether you can use it under your makeup? Is that a possibility? If so I will try it!

I also haven't tried the Posietint yet because I've read that it really stains your skin and I haven't been anywhere yet that I want to stain my skin for. When I do I shall let you know what it's like because it looks very pretty in the bottle!

Overall, I'd recommend this gift set if you, or someone you know, are wanting to try out some things from Benefit. I would definitely recommend waiting until it's in the sale or on offer. It's £25 at Debenhams at the moment. I also think that they give you generous sample sizes. The packaging is a bit naff for something you're paying £30 for but I suppose that just goes in the bin anyway. I'm pleased with the products I've tried and it has definitely convinced me to buy a few full sized products!

£29.50 (£25.07 currently at Debenhams)

Hope this was helpful!
See you next time, 
Leanne x


  1. It looks amazing and it would be ideal for me as I don't know if I want to spend too much on all them products separately and in a larger version!
    Thank you for this post, it was so good to read. I really like your blog :)

    1. That's the exact reason I bought this, I wanted to try a few things but didn't want to buy the full sizes! Glad you enjoyed reading it and found it helpful :) x


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