Christmas gift ideas and stocking stuffers!

Hello Everyone!

Are we feeling festive? 
Are our bank accounts feeling sorry for themselves? Mine is!
But seeing everyone's happy faces will hopefully be worth it on Christmas Day!

I thought I'd show you a few bits and pieces I've picked up for my family and boyfriend. Unfortunately I can't show you everything I've bought for him because he does occasionally read this blog and I don't want to ruin his surprises! I've also ordered my Mum a huge bunch of flowers from a florist near us which will arrive on Christmas eve so I can't show you them either, I will when they arrive though. I'll also write a blog post after Christmas on Tom's presents too. 

First of all, wrapping paper and tools! Lol 'tools'.

I went to Marks & Spencer's for my gift wrapping bits and bobs, a. because I was there and they had everything on 3 for 2, b. I think they have really cute things!

I just bought 2 rolls of wrapping paper, the silver one is soooo pretty it's got holographic snowflakes on it, they're so shiny! Tres amaze! Then I picked up a box of string and bows which are pretty and match the paper. They also had tiny little jingle bell present toppers so I could nay resist them either.

I bought my christmas cards too, well a box of 5 for £5.00, a bit pricy maybe but they are genuinely the coolest cards I've ever bought, they're 3D and have a cute Christmas scene on it and I really don't write cards to many people so 5's a good number.

So on with some gifts:

I bought a few things from TKMaxx, you can literally find anything for anyone in that shop, it's such a gem, the things they sell are really nice quality, reasonably priced and unusual.

This year, everyone's getting socks! The wooly Totes ones on the left are for my sister, she wears them fuzzy socks instead of slippers so I thought she might enjoy some fancy new ones. 

The middle set are for Tom, they're kind of thick work socks. He picked these out himself so I don't mind putting them on here. I really liked these socks, I'd probably even wear them myself.

The last pair on the right are by a brand called Urban Knit, I've seen quite a lot of their products in TKMaxx and they look really nice and thick and warm! So I bought these for my mum to keep her tootsies warm when she's out working!

These sets were £5.99 each.

Next, I picked up some slippers for my mum, I was going to get my dad some too but I bought him a pair last year so I thought two years in a row may be too much? Anyway, these look lovely and comfy and warm so I hope she'll get some good use out of them!

These were £7.99

Pyjama pants! You can't beat a comfy pair of pyjama pants, can you? I was considering buying the parents onesies but I don't think that would go down too well so these were the next best thing!

Also from TKMaxx, I bought the above pair for my mum and the below pair for my dad. My dad has had the same pair of pyjama pants for bloody years so I decided to play it safe and buy some almost identical in the hope that he will part with his old ones.... we'll see.

The black/green checked pair were £12.99 and the plain blue pair were £15.99. Plain things are more expensive apparently. Who knew? 

In addition to my dad's new PJs I bought him a new gilet. Similarly to the pants situation, he's had the same one for a while now so I thought he may appreciate some variety! I really like this gilet, I think the colour's cool and the general style looks a bit more flattering than some of these thick bubbly body warmer type things. 

This was £15 from Matalan

Whilst in Sainsburys, browsing the gift set isle, I saw this Old Spice body spray/aftershave lotion combo. It claims to be 'the manliest man gift set known to man' ... well I'm sure the recipient will be the judge of that. It's supposed to be quite old fashioned but still smell nice. At the end of the day it was only about £5.50 so if it's a bit dodge I won't be too disheartened. 

I have since seen the same gift set in Tesco for £6 incase you're fancying buying it.  

For meine schwester. (Hoping she doesn't read this) I bought a case for her brand new MacBook Air. That's her present this year so I bought her a case off eBay. I haven't took it out of the packaging so I don't know what it feels like or even if she'll want to put it on but it looks quite nice and I'm tempted to buy myself a purple one for my Pro...

This was £6.99, you can buy it HERE.

Also for Sophie, I bought her the first Hunger Games DVD. She was showing interest in going to see the second film at the pictures so I thought I'd buy her the first one incase she hasn't yet seen it. I hope she'll watch it, she's not a huge film watcher really my sister.

This was £7 from Morrisons. 

For Tom, I put together this little stocking. The stocking itself is from Card Factory for only £1.99, it's so cute and I think it's a great reusable item for the years to come. 

I put together a few bits for his car that I thought he may find useful. We were supposed to be getting inches of snow and everything but in Manchester we're yet to see it! Anyway I picked up a Jelly Bean airfreshner in the bubblegum flavour which smells gorgeous but it's pink. He already has orange, blue and yellow so I thought pink was the best way to go. hahaha.

I also got him a big can of deicer and a windscreen scraper. How fun!? 
Maybe not that fun, but useful. He'll think of me when he's gladly using them :D

Also, he's picking up his new car on Tuesday, 17th December, he's bought a Volkswagen Polo which I'm so excite for! Hopefully you'll be reading this before that date so you can share my excitement. He'll have a brand new car to put his brand new airfreshner in woo!

Now on to some chocolate, we all love some chocolate at Christmas don't we?

My dad's a big fan of chocolate all year round so I bought him a packet of After Eight mints which he'll have to share with me I'm afraid. I'm partial to a few after eights. I also bought him a huge Toblerone. I love a good Toblerone too but not as much as After Eights so he can have that one all to himself! :D

These were both £3 each.

For my mum, she was going on about Milk Trays being on offer in Morrisons for days so I bought her one on the secret and hid it. Then she actually told me to buy her a Milk Tray which I bought and she half ate. The remains are in the fridge. So as of Christmas day we have one and a half Milk Trays to get through. Once the strawberry and orange ones have gone, no one's interested!

This was £6 on offer and I'm not sure how much they are normally. 

So that's your lot!
They are my Christmas present purchases. 
I know people work on massively different budgets for this kind of thing, I personally don't spend too much on Christmas presents because I just don't feel like going right in to my overdraft. Then I'm not buying the gifts... Lloyd's bank are so what's the point? 

I hope that this was entertaining to read even if not useful.
What kind of presents have you been buying for your family/significant other?

See you next time, 
Leanne x


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