What I got for Christmas 2013 | Boyfriend edition!

Hello Everyone!

You may or may not have seen the parent edition of his post yet, I'm not too sure which way round I'm going to publish them yet. However, in this one I'll be showing you what my boyfriend Tom bought me for Christmas! I wanted to get these posts up earlier but I haven't had the chance to sit down at the laptop properly since Christmas Day.

Some of the presents I picked myself because he wasn't sure what to buy for me but he also picked up some other bits and pieces which I love too. I'm so grateful for everything, I feel like a very lucky person! Hope you enjoy looking through a few pics :)

How cool is this stocking? I love it! I'll leave it hooked somewhere in my room all year. Inside it, Tom put lots of little bits and pieces.

Including sweets, chocolate (my favourite Malteaser chocolate bars!), a Soap & Glory Hand Food set,  Yankee Candle in Black Cherry and a Boots gift card. I'll show you what I've bought with that later!

This is a gift which I picked myself, I absolutely love this perfume. It's one of them more sophisticated scents but not old fashioned if you get me? Definitely not an everyday perfume but gorgeous for a special occasion or night out!

I was totally surprised by this present. Tom had been hinting that he was getting my something special but I wasn't really sure what to expect. I think this is such a beautiful locket. I don't have a picture in it yet, I need to wait for a decent one. But I really love it. I was going to keep it on but the chain is so delicate and I don't want to snap it so I don't sleep or shower with it on, I can't wait to get a picture for it!

I've been looking for one of these jumbo tongue curlers for ages so you can imagine my excitement when I received this! I haven't used this yet but I'm excited to give it a go, I'm forever looking for the tool that can give my look look of blow dried curls without actually blow drying them...

Last but not least, this is what I bought with my Boots voucher! Tom was originally going to buy me the Wondervision palette for Christmas but it was out of stock online and the Boots that's most near to us doesn't stock Smashbox so he bought the voucher for me to buy it after Christmas. 

On Boxing Day though the palette had been reduced to £32.99 from £50! I was a many happy because I felt bad spending the voucher on just one thing but now I have a little bit left on it to buy something else! Very happy!

So that's everything! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and please please don't think I'm showing off or anything of the sort, I love reading these kind of posts so I wanted to write my own. 

Hope you're all having a fantastic end to 2013! 
Drink responsibly on NYE!

See you in the New Year if not before, 
Leanne x


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