What I got for Christmas 2013 | Parent edition!

Hello Everyone!

I've seen so many 'What I got for Christmas' posts and thoroughly enjoyed reading them. I don't know why some people take a huge dislike to them, just look at them in that same way you would a haul post. Last year, I didn't write a post like this and kind of regretted it so this year, I'm going for it! 

These are the gifts I received from my parents. I'm so grateful for absolutely everything, they bought me  lovely gifts, a lot of them with my Berlin trip in mind. Everything was a total surprise as I hadn't asked for anything, I never write a list or anything like that, I thoroughly enjoy the surprise. 

I took individual pictures which I'm kind of regretting, I should have put some items together but hey ho, I've taken them now! They took ages to take too so you'll probably see me losing the light towards the end. Apologies for the poor photography.

Anyway, hope you enjoy looking at a few pics, I won't write about everything because the pictures are pretty self explanatory and it could get a little tedious haha, enjoy!

Shades: Lustering, Fusion Pink, Lady Bug.

My first ever Christmas jumper!

I'll probably take this dress to Berlin to wear on my birthday!

Giraffes are my favourite animal and coffee is my joint top favourite drink (along with vodka).

The fluffiest and warmest dressing gown ever...

... paired with the fuzziest and softest PJs ever: ultimate comfort!

A white board! I searched IKEA high and low for a white board but couldn't find one. Now I have one! I'm feeling organised haha. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen where I've put it and what it looks like!

Thank you for reading! 
Hope you're all having a wonderful last few days of 2013.

Don't forget to leave me a link to your Christmas posts!

Leanne x


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