Do Kalms really work?

Hello everyone!

This is a strange one, I know, and I totally understand if you're not interested haha. I just thought this might be useful to a few people so here I am writing a post on Kalms anxiety relief tablets. 

A few weeks ago I had to do a presentation for one of my classes at university. It was worth 25% of that unit's mark and I was nervous as hell. It's my least favourite class to start with, not to mention that I'm an extremely anxious person in general especially when speaking in front of people. I'd rather have got up and spoken in front of a room full of strangers than my actual class but hey ho, it had to be done. (Even though I did debate whether it was worth even trying presuming that I'd receive a terrible grade anyway).

I bought these from Boots the weekend before my presentation in the hope that they would do something to help. I wasn't sure what to expect, it's a herbal remedy and my thoughts were, even if they just had a placebo effect it was better than nothing. 

After reading reviews online which said for the tablets to work you have to start taking three a day for about a week prior to the nervous event. By time I'd read this I only had 2 days to go so I started taking them in the morning, dinner and mid-afternoon in the hope that they'd start building up in my system. 

Initially I think they did have some calming effect on me, that knot feeling in my stomach did subside a little and I found that I wasn't dwelling on the presentation too much. 

On the day of my presentation I took one when I woke up (7am), one around 11am then one at about 2 in the afternoon (my presentation was at 3.30pm). This may be considered too many in a short space of time but I was desperate for all the help I could get haha!

So, Did they work? 

Sort of. 

As far as I could tell they definitely helped that horrible nervous feeling you get in your stomach when you're anxious. You know the feeling that someone's tugging on your insides? That definitely did subside. 

On the other hand, my worry and lack of confidence still remained. So although I didn't FEEL nervous I still thought nervous thoughts and seriously lacked confidence. 

If you're wondering, my presentation wasn't the best and I did sound nervous and still struggled to form coherent sentences which bugs me because I have no idea why I lack confidence in public speaking, I used to be hugely confident.

Overall, I think these tablets are helpful. Although they didn't alter the inevitable fail that was my presentation, at least I didn't have to suffer with an anxious stomach too.

£7.60 - KALMS

Have you ever tried Kalms?
What are your thoughts on them?

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x

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  1. I think the main reason they work for people is because it's kind of like a placebo effect.. like you know you've taken them so therefore you should feel more tired and relaxed so you just sort of convince yourself that they've worked! Haha that probably made no sense at all but yeahhhh :)

    1. I have read that they make some people feel tired. That didn't happen to me though. I absolutely agree that the relief some people feel may just be a placebo effect but as I mentioned in the post, even if it is placebo, that's surely better than nothing! Hahaha, it did make sense :)

  2. I can't ever see a drug store product working 100% on something so serious of a mental affliction such as anxiety. If you get mild nerves maybe they'd work on a one off!

    1. I agree, Kalms are not intended to be a medication that relieves someone of serious anxiety. As the topic of my post suggests though they might help with mild, short-term cases such as a presentation, or a speech etc.

  3. This is an interesting post! I've taken Kalms night ones to try and help me sleep a bit better. I've also used the rescue remedy chewy sweets to help my anxiousness. I agree with the 'placebo effect' idea but I do think they work a bit! :) xx

    1. Definitely, for me at least, they did have some effect. Some of it may have been placebo but I think they did initially calm me down. I think it depends on the person too, if they're used to taking stronger anxiety tablets Kalms wouldn't work or if the person thinks they're not going to work they wouldn't notice any difference :) xx


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