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Hello everyone!

Tom and I recently visited the Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet as Tom did some work there and thought we'd both really enjoy a shopping trip there! He was right! Unfortunately for my bank account but fortunately for my blog, quite a lot of impulse shopping happened.

I feel like I haven't just browsed the shops and picked up things on a whim for ages. I didn't realise how much I usually have my purchases mentally planned. This came as quite a surprise because I thought I always bought things that I picked but it turns out I'm very influenced by blogs and YouTube. On this trip though, nothing was planned and I just bought things that I liked the look of!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this haul!

Just a few pictures from the way down there and a few shops. I absolutely loved the lay out of the shops at Cheshire Oaks. I don't know why but I presumed that it would be in a mill? It was nothing like that at all, it's sat up like a shopping village where you walk round from shop to shop without being stuck to one building like in the Arndale or Trafford Centre etc.

All the way around the shops there were little stands selling hot drinks, cold drinks and snack foods like hotdogs, pretzels and donuts. There's even a large play area so it's great for everyone, even if you feel a little guilty dragging your children around the shops!

Now, on to the shopping!

I bought my first ever Bobbi Brown makeup product!

There was a shop called The Cosmetic Company Store which I didn't anticipate being there, had I known I'd have definitely researched a few things and made a list of what I wanted. They had a MAC, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, Origins and lots more. They didn't have the whole selection of products, only a few and it was so busy in that shop that I just had a quick look around and left. Then I felt sad that I didn't pick up this Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick as it was at such a good discount so I went back in for it.

They only had 2 left of the lightest shade which I picked up and I think, from looking at it, that it's quite yellow toned so I'm not sure how I'm going to pull it off. Haven't tried it yet but I hope it blends out well enough so that I can get away with it as my skin has very pink under tones. We'll see though, I'll let you know!

This was £19.50 down from £28.00.

Next, I went in to Accessorize!

I very very rarely buy Accessorize jewellery as it's too bloody over priced however most products were 70% off so I picked up a few pieces that I liked. I didn't so much like the clothes though (Monsoon range) as I thought they were a little old fashioned.

First, I picked up this set of earrings. There are 20 different studs which are really cute but I mainly picked this set up for the tiny little studs as they match all the other things I have in my ear really well.

These were originally £10.00 but with 70% off they were only £3.00!

Next, I picked up this set of two bracelets. I had summer in mind when I bought these thinking the turquoise and silver would look really nice in the warm weather but I suppose you could wear these all year round. They are elasticated which I like so that they're easy to put on and take off.

This set was originally £8.00 but with 70% off it was £2.40

This may well be my favourite of the 4 pieces I picked up. It's a gold toned mesh chain with studs on it. I really like it and think I'll get a lot of wear out of it even though I'm not a huge wearer of gold jewellery!

This was supposed to be £8.00 but was £2.40 with the discount.
(If I'd seen this in a normal Accessorize shop it's the only one I'd have picked up full price)

Lastly from Accessorize I bought this industrial style necklace. It's a large silver chain with studs in it. Looks a bit scary but paired with the right outfit I think it'll look fine!

This was originally £10.00 but was £3.00 with the discount.

Moving on now to The Body Shop

In The Body Shop, the discounts were pretty confusing. They had items on display already discounted, so the price you saw was the already reduced price. However, depending on how many items you bought you also got another discount at the till.

I think if you bought 3 items you got an extra 30% off, 4 items were 35% off and 5 items were 40% off your entire bill. So the pricing was a little difficult to work out at first. It was a great scheme though as my bill was only £15.00 and I bought quite a few things.

First, I picked up another set of body butters despite me still having one and a half tubs left from a previous purchase. I was going to buy the Raspberry flavour on it's own as it's so nice but that was £8.00 and it was only an extra £3.00 for two so I thought that was much better value.

These were £11.20 which I thought was a great discount from £16.00.

I also bought the Sweet Lemon Body Whip for no other reason that I loved the scent. I don't think I'll use it all over my body, I'll probably just use it as a hand cream as it comes with a convenient little pump!

This was £6.00.

On a whim I picked up the Radiance Hair Mask. This was near the travel size products so I just thought I'd pick it up and give it a go as my hair is really lacking shine and moisture these days. It smells really familiar, definitely fruity but I don't know exactly what it is... but in the back of my mind, I know....

This was £3.00.

Just looking at my receipt and I have no idea how they worked out the discount at the till, it just says -£10.00 and my bill was £15.00. Very confusing!

Next, we have Paperchase!

I picked up this large scrapbook with the intentions of printing off pictures and making it a photo album. It has such a cute design on it, it's really lovely. You could even use it as a sketch book if you wanted but I think it's going to either be a photo album or a scrap book.

It has thick cardboard covers and the pages inside are really high quality so if you use glue on them they won't ripple. I can't wait to start making something out of it!

This was £5 down from £10.00.

I also picked up this writing pad as I thoroughly enjoy the design and colours of it. I could have quite easily bought about 7 different writing pads but I had to reign myself in, I already have quite a few waiting to be used at home...

Again, this is really good quality, it has a weird feeling to the cover of it though which might make some people cringe.. you know them weird feels that some people don't like? 

But other than that, it's fine. It also has silver around the pages which I thought was a nice touch.

This was only about £2.40.

Last from Paperchase I picked up this other writing pad for my sister. I thought she might like it as her leavers book for school as she starts college this September. She likes all the cute little cartoon designs so I thought this was fitting!

This was £3.20.

They had a huge Cadburys shop at Cheshire Oaks but not being the biggest fan of chocolate myself, Tom just bought me some sweets! I picked Lemon Sherbets and Mixed Fruit Bon Bons which are awesome! 
I wish I'd taken pictures of what Tom bought as he picked up about £15.00s with of chocolate... One of which was a box of JUST strawberry creams! Brilliance.

Last but not least, and slightly less interesting is cheese. They had lots of different varieties of cheese to try and I felt like I had to buy one after standing there for about 10mins trying all the cheeses. I settled on this Caramelised Onion Cheddar which, apparently, is a best seller. It's really nice on some crackers with butter! 

This was around £4.50. Pricy, but a nice treat. 

And that's everything I bought at Cheshire Oaks! It was nice to go shopping somewhere a little different with new scenery. I really enjoyed the 'outlet' shopping for a change, it was nice to get some good deals. It's not a normal shopping park with H&Ms and River Island shops so I would't say it's practical for that kind of shopping but for something a little different it's awesome. 

Let me know if you've ever been to a good outlet shopping centre as I'm kind of a little obsessed with them now...woops. 

Thanks for reading,
Leanne x

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P.S. We had Japanese food for dinner, yom!


  1. that bobbi brown makeup looks so lovely, and that food has made me so hungry haha! id love it if youd check out my blog and comment back http://amyelizabethfashion.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/hello-flawless.html xx

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    1. Thanks! Aww hope you enjoy it if you go there this weekend!
      Just followed you, great blog, Leanne xx

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