Five things that annoy the life out of me!

Hello everyone!

Today, for a change, I thought I'd share with you five things that really wind me up. You could call them pet peeves, or just general annoyances!

1. Adverts that come out with words that no one understands. 

This mostly happens on makeup and hair adverts, they just come out with these ridiculously long words that, for all I know, they might have just made up!

2. Drink Slurpers.

There is absolutely no need to slurp your drink. If it's too hot, leave it to cool down don't sit there making noises that make it sound like we're on a farm!

3. Busses.

You can't win with Stagecoach busses, they either leave too early or arrive too late. We need to take a leaf out of Germany's book and sort out our timing issues. They must think we can see the future to turn up on time. 

4. When people come in your room and don't close the door on their way out.

It's bloody freezing and you're letting all the heat out that I've created from all the million candles I light to make the place a habitable area. Close the damn door!

5. Snoring!

Is there anything more annoying when you're trying to sleep? I genuinely have violent thoughts towards those who snore. 

What are your pet peeves? 

See you next time, 
Leanne x


  1. Snoring is one of my biggest pet peeves too!! It's so irritating when you're trying to sleep...

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. It really is the most annoying thing ever!


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