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Hello everyone!

I'm having a bad skin time recently. It just doesn't want to stay blemish free. As soon as one thing disappears, something else appears. I've been trying a few different things to try and rectify this problem, the best that I've tried up to now being the Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash/Mask. In this post, I thought I'd share with you what I've been using to cleanse my skin and try to reduce blemishes. 

You may have seen me talk about this Visiq Electric Facial Sauna in this post. I originally bought it last year to help my headaches. I suffer with migraines and headaches almost every day, especially when it's warm weather, and I was advised to buy one of these as the steam helps to relieve the pain. 

Anyway, as well as headache relief this really helps to make my skin feel clean and smooth, it's intended purpose I suppose. When I use this I fill it up with the cap sized amount of water and basically keep the steam on my face until it's boiled dry. It says 10ish minutes but I sit in the steam room at my local swimming pool for a good half an hour so I can tolerate it. 

This doesn't have as good of an affect as a real steam room does but it does help to maintain healthy skin throughout the days that you can't go to the swimming baths. 

I use this as my first step to properly clean my face before moving on to other things.

Within the water that I put in the face steamer I add a few drops of this Origins Super Spot remover. I do use this directly on blemishes at night but I thought it was a good way of getting it all over my face through the steam. 

I occasionally put Vicks in the water too when I have a cold or a blocked nose and that works really well to clear your sinuses. 

After about 20-25 mins the water has usually boiled dry and I can dry my face off and apply one of the Biore Nose Strips. I leave this on until it's set on my nose and very carefully peel it off.

I think it depends how sensitive your skin is but these hurt significantly when I take them off. I see some people just ripping them off which I do not advise doing, you could seriously harm your skin. I just gently pull it off  and it works fine. 

I continue to use these because they do a great job of smoothing out the skin on my nose. I don't use them often because, as I said, it does hurt to take off but I do like how they work and I think you can definitely see a difference after using them. I like to apply one of these quickly after using the face sauna as my pores are still open and the strip can do it's job more effectively. 

The last step is to use the Neutrogena Visibly Clear as a mask. I apply this just on my chin, nose and between my eyebrows because if I apply it all over my face on places where it's not needed it has the tendency to leave my skin feeling very dry. After about 5 mins until I can feel my skin starting to sting I wash it off and clean my face for the final time. 

All that's left to do is moisturise your face to revive some of the moisture that you have stripped away! 

I hope this was helpful. You don't have to use the same products I did if you have something that works better for your skin, this was just a guide and what has been working for me over the last few weeks. 

Thanks for reading, 
See you next time, 
Leanne x
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