February Favourites!

Hello everyone!

It seems like only yesterday that I was writing my January favourites post! I was just about to schedule a post for Saturday and it said 1st March and I was so shocked! But anyway, happy first of March everyone :D

I have a few bits and pieces to talk about but I feel like I don't have as many as last month for some reason! Maybe I just haven't been trying many new things this month. Some things are beauty related but most are just random things, hope you enjoy!

First, I've had two favourite foundations this month. At the beginning of Feb I really loved the Bourjois Health Mix Serum as I did a bit of fake tanning for various occasions and I really enjoyed wearing that when it matched my skin. Towards the end of the month though, I turned to my No.7 Stay Perfect Foundation which became my everyday foundation for the remainder of Feb! Both foundations are really nice, if the Bourjois one was a little lighter that would definitely be my everyday foundation.

I've also been loving my new Stila blush this month, I know you only saw it in a haul a few days ago but I actually bought it mid-Feb and have been loving it!

Throughout February and the end of January, I started to use body butter more frequently. It's unusual for me because I never used to be that bothered about it but at Christmas I bought some body butters from the Body Shop which I've been getting some use out of and I had one from Sanctuary that I really enjoy too. I generally use them about 3/4 times a week and I've been having the best time walking around smelling like a Starburst orange!

A repeat from last moth is Revlon's top coat in Stunning. I've had this on my nails all month and it's still my favourite so, although it's a repeat, I couldn't miss it out.

I've been thoroughly enjoying two programmes this month. My beloved Vampire Diaries and Originals was delayed for two weeks because of the Winter Olympics so I had to find something else to watch. First, if you saw THIS post, you'll probably already suspect that one programme is Saving Hope. It's a supernatural medical drama and I love it! You should definitely give it a watch.

And the second programme I'm slightly embarrassed to admit is an old Nickelodeon programme. As a 21 year old person, I thoroughly enjoyed re watching H2O Just Add Water. I'll admit, I mainly watched it because 2 of the characters are in The Originals but still, I found myself gripped by the episodes. Maybe it is slightly shameful to be riveted by a programme clearly aimed at young teens so I think I'll leave it there haha.

To redeem myself, my favourite music this month has definitely been The Black Keys. I have the Tour Rehearsal Tapes album and the El Camino album and I love them! I keep checking if they're perfuming somewhere in the UK soon but they don't seem to be :( I've also been loving Bruno Mars this month. His Unorthodox Jukebox album is great! Not my 'usual' music choice but I've been enjoying the change!
An App that I've been obsessed with this month is Vine. I only got a Vine account about 5 weeks ago and never went on it but recently it's been taking up hours of my time as some people on there are just so damn funny!

A few random things I've been enjoying this month are my newly painted bedroom walls! Did you see my redecorating POST? If not, I got rid of my old black wallpaper and painted my walls a light grey colour and I've been really enjoying the extra light and cleanliness that it has brought to my room. Also, Tom and I made some really yummy nachos only a few weeks ago and they were so nice I just had to mention them in this favourites post!

^^ look how awesome they are! See how to make them HERE.

And that's what I've been loving this month! I've probably forgot something but if I have I'm sure I'll remember it for my March favourites!

What have you been loving throughout the month of February?

Thanks for reading,
see you next time,
Leanne x

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  1. I love H20 too! Hahahahaahaha :)

    1. hahahha glad I'm not the only one! x

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, both foundations are really great, if only the Bourjois one was a shade lighter! xx

  3. Great favourites! I have the Boujois Healthy Mix foundation too, it's so good!
    I also love your room colours. And those nachos omg I'm hungry now haha! :D xx


    1. Thank you! Hahaha them nachos are the best :) xx

  4. Oooo those self adjusting blushes intrigue me
    half the price of the dior option, tempting

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