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On Thursday the Mother and I went to a Tea Room in Stockport called 'The Little Underbank'. As the name suggests it's located on The Underbank, if you're familiar with Stockport you may already be familiar with it.

It's such an adorable, quaint little place. I'll admit it was teeny weeny inside so I can imagine that if it's busy you may feel a little cramped BUT if you can oversee that, I'm sure that you will thoroughly enjoy the food and sophistication of the place!

We ordered tea to drink which came in a huge tea pot and was made with real tea leaves.. something I've never tried before, it was lovely! 

Everything was served on cute floral designed plates and all the food was arranged in a super pretty manner... kind of felt bad eating it haha.

We ordered a selection of sandwiches which consisted of:

Roast Beef and Pickle
Egg Mayonnaise
Cucumber and Cream Cheese
Ham and Pickle
(They also had vegetarian options)

We were asked whether we wanted fruit scones or plain scones. I had plain and Mum had fruit. We got 2 scones each and portions of butter, clotted cream and strawberry jam! These were my favourite I love scones!

There were also some miniature cakes which included battonburg, and chocolate fudge. 

As well as all those sweet snacks, we had a choice of 3 cakes. We both chose Chocolate fudge! The other choices were apple pie cake and something with lime in it, I can't quite remember.

You may be thinking 'that's a lot of food for afternoon tea' well, we agreed and what we didn't finish (one slice of chocolate cake and a scone) we had wrapped up to take home. So nothing was wasted which was great! 

I'd really recommend you visit the Little Underbank Tea Rooms if you're in the area, I think you'd really enjoy it. Even if you aren't in Stockport why not have a search for some tea rooms in your local area to try something a little different!

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