It's beginning to look a lot like .. Spring! (A Chit Chat)

Hello everyone!

This is the kind of blog post that I wish I had a YouTube channel for. You know, a chatty, lifestyle, update kind of thing. You can't fully achieve that with a blog post.

Spring has sprung guys. Tomorrow the clocks go forward to the absolute disgust of my sister who will 'lose an hour of her weekend' hahaha. The nights will be lighter which I thoroughly enjoy, the weather should start picking up and everyone will feel bit more uplifted. Hopefully! Do you prefer hot or cold weather? I'm definitely for the hot weather. 

I bought myself some Tulips to brighten up my bedroom yesterday. I never buy myself flowers. I must have caught some mother's day bug as flowers are everywhere. They are beautiful though. They look very happy sitting in the sun on my windowsill! 

I also started burning a new Yankee Candle in Vanilla Lime. My Mum bought me this for Christmas and I saved it for Spring! I was burning Black Cherry but I've put that one away for a bit now. 

I absolutely love the scent of this. It's zesty and refreshing and clean. I love it. Definitely a good scent for the Spring/Summer. 

Another switch around happened in Hector's tank over the weekend. He got a new background! Tom printed it off at work and it brightens his tank up and looks so cool, Hector was very thankful.

In April I've had Hector for 2 years! It's gone so quick and I just love him. I don't know what I did with my time before I bought him! 

Some other bits and bobs I thought I'd mention:

My last uni class happened this morning! I have a revision class on Tuesday but today was my last official lesson at MMU. I may never sit in another lecture theatre again! I don't know whether I'm happy or sad haha. I still have deadlines approaching though, I have an essay and creative writing piece in next week then I have April to write my dissertation then when that's handed in I have one exam in May. And that's it! 

I have opened a new Instagram page which you can follow.


You might remember my old instagram but I had to close it because of reasons. I've had this one for a few weeks so there's a few pictures already up that you can look at :)

I think that's everything... 
If I remember anything else that's happening I'll let you know in another post!

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x

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