March Favourites!

Hello everyone!

I've been finishing off my story all day for university and I looked at the date and realised I hadn't written my March Favourites! Luckily, I already knew what I wanted to write about. So here goes! (In no particular order...)

1. Revlon Matte Lip Balm in Unapologetic

I bought this towards the beginning of the month and haven't worn much else since. It's a lovely, bright, spring colour which livens up your makeup look immediately. 

2. Cheese and Onion crisp
Only the Walkers version! I love cheese but never really liked cheesy crisp. Throughout March though I couldn't get enough of them.

3. Sauna and Steam Room
At my local swimming pool they have a sauna and steam room etc. Most places do now. And this month I've been going with my mum every Thursday. It's so relaxing and my skin feels so soft afterwards. 

4. Coolway Boots 

Since I bought these about a month ago they basically haven't left my feet. 

5. Gogglebox
Does anyone else watch Gogglebox on a Friday? Just me? 
I love it! I watched the first series and loved it then too, I think it was on a Wednesday though. I just think it's so funny. I like the old couple and the posh couple, they're my favourites!

6. Tea

I'm an avid coffee drinker, usually. I've been feeling funny this month and reverted to tea a lot though.  I wasn't sure why I felt funny but I came down with the mother of all colds a few days ago and I think that's why. It's been lurking. Tea really helps to sooth my throat so I've been drinking quite a lot of it.

7. Vicks and Night Nurse

Speaking of colds. This has also been helping me along. I swear by Vicks in these situations, it helps unblock your nose and clear your chest. It's the best. Night Nurse just knocks you out at night when you can't get to sleep. It also stops your nose running which is great.

8. China Glaze Sun of a Peach

You may have seen me review this last week. I've worn it for about two weeks of March. It's so pretty! 

9. Relax Music App

I've recently got in to the habit of falling asleep to noise. Whether it be a YouTube video or a song, usually there's something in the background when I'm going to sleep.  I downloaded this app called Relax Music for free and it's so good. You can choose all kinds of music to fall asleep to, my favourite is Zen which reminds me of the music they play in beauty salons. 

It also has Binaural Beats. One for relaxation and one for concentration. I used the concentration one to help me focus when I was writing an essay a few weeks ago and it helped so much. 

10. Flowers

I'm eagerly awaiting the warm weather and flowers being around the house have really lifted my mood this month.

11. Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash/Mask

I've been using this a lot this month having broken out in a million face demons. I despise my face at the moment. I'm not generally prone to spots but I've just broke out in loads and I don't know what to do with them! HELP!

This product hasn't really been removing my blemishes but it's definitely been helping by soaking up excess oil from my face.

That's everything on my list!
Hope you enjoyed reading and if you see any mistakes I do apologise but I'm typing this with one hand whilst I hold my nose with the other to stop it running! NICE.

See you next time, 
Leanne x
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  1. I just love the china glaze polish such a pretty summer colour <3

    1. It's an amazing colour! Definitely needs a top coat though, those polishes chip so fast! xx

  2. Unapologetic is my favourite matte balm, great choice. I use that app to sleep too, it works a dream! Great blog :) x

    1. Thank you! I love that app haha, it's so soothing :) xx

    2. Where did you get those boots too? They're adorable! I need to find some new shoes and I'm a sucker for unique things xx

    3. Thanks! They're from a brand called Coolway but I bought these from TKMaxx for £35.00. They were supposed to be £110.00 so they were a pretty good deal haha :) xx

    4. Wow! Aha :) Thanks, I'll take a look xx


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