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Hello everyone!

I have a quick review here on the Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner! I bought this a few weeks ago as I never ever use a lip liner and I really wanted to try one. I decided that this was a good, neutral shade that could be paired with a lot of different colours and it has been working well so far!

It is a muted, nude colour and completely matte. It looks a lot more pink in the tube than it does on your skin. Not only have I been wearing this under other lip products but it actually looks really nice on its own. 

I find that this lip pencil serves its purpose really well, it's very long lasting and I find that my lipsticks don't wear away as quickly as they usually do when I use this underneath. It also helps more liquid-y products such as lip glosses not to smudge outside of the lips. 

I think this is the perfect starter lip liner, it's not bold or scary and you can't make a mistake with it. 

I love the packaging as it's retractable, you don't have to sharpen it which is great for those lazy souls like myself. I never sharpen anything. Mainly because my sharpeners grow legs and run away... I think. 

A few downfalls are that the product can be quite drying, it has zero moisture which, I suppose, is how it manages to stay on your lips for so long. I'd try to get your lips in pretty good condition before applying as it will accentuate dry areas and flakiness. Also, you have to be quite light headed with the product as the stick will break easily as I have discovered quite a few times :( 

Anyway, I really recommend this lip liner and I'm definitely going to pick up some other shades in the future! I think it's a great multi-purpose product as you can use it as both a lip liner paired with something else or on its own for a subtle, nude look.

Price: £3.99

Have you tried any other shades from this line? 
What are your thoughts?

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  1. This looks really nice on its own! I really need to try this since I don't actual own a single lip liner...!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. It's a really nice one to start off with and pretty reasonable at £3.99! I really like how it looks on its own too, great multi-purpose product! xx

  2. looks lovely :)


  3. Gosh, you've made me want to buy this now!


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