Fuzion Noodle Bar | Manchester

Hello everyone!

Anyone live in Manchester? Anyone going to visit Manchester?

If you are, I have a food recommendation for you today. Tom and I went to the Fuzion Noodle Bar in Fallowfield a couple of days ago and we really enjoyed it. The food was incredible and tasty, it was all freshly prepared and, frankly, I can't wait to go back!

I ordered noodles with veg and a side portion of vegetable spring rolls. I'm not vegetarian but I I"m not huge fan of the way chicken is prepared for this kind of food. The food was delicious, prepared freshly and quickly. It was so yum!

Tom's a bit more extravagant with this food choices and ordered a soup which I didn't try but it looked nice and he said it was tasty. It looked like a vegetable soup but I'm not exactly sure what it tasted like. He also got a side of shrimp which he enjoyed too. 

If you go during the week and order off the weekday menu you can get a starter and main fir £9.95 which is pretty good value as the dishes are large portions. Next time I'd probably just get the mains for about £7.95 as that filled me up fine.

You can view the restaurant's website HERE. You can also download the menu for prices etc!

Are you all craving Chinese food now? I am! 

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x
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  1. Mmmm your noodles look delicious, noodles are my fave food so I definitely would love it there! I don't live in Manchester but I live close-ish and will hopefully starting uni there next September.. fingers crossed I get the grades!

    1. I love noodles too :D Good luck with getting into uni! xx


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