China Glaze Haul!

Hello everyone!

After I bought the China Glaze polish Sun of a Peach, I knew that I had to buy some more! You can see my review on that shade HERE. I went ahead and ordered three more colours from Nail Polish Direct as they have most of the China Glaze polishes on sale. You have to spend £10 to qualify for free shipping which is very easy to do once you get carried away!

The shades I bought are:

So far, I've worn Grass is Lime Greener which is a very bright, almost neon colour. It's so pretty! Makes a nice change from all the turquoise greens we see in nail polishes. 

I've also worn Too Yacht to Handle which I kind of regret buying only because it's so incredibly similar to Barry M's GreenBerry. The Barry M polish is a touch greener but you can hardly tell unless you're properly analysing them. 

I'm still yet to wear Petal to the Metal but you'll definitely be seeing reviews on these soon! I will warn you though, if you're going to buy these polishes, get yourself a good top coat because, although the colours are beautiful, they chip so quickly. 

These polishes are all £4.95 each.

What's your favourite China Glaze polish?

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x
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  1. I love the colours! Such a shame they chip really quick though! :\
    Rachel | VintageDeer

    1. It is a shame, don't think I'd buy one full price for that reason xx


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