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Got a little chatty bloggy for you here :) Recently, Tom and I visited York for a kind of long weekendy, Valentines day trip (although we went Wednesday-Friday). It was really lovely, we got the train there on Wednesday morning and it was snowing really badly but it cleared up over night thankfully because Thursday was shopping day mm :D

We arrived and checked in, all that fun stuff, and we'd already seen a few things we wanted to visit so we decided to go to an apparently haunted house on Stonegate. The tour lasted about half an hour and we got to walk around the house and listen to stories about the people who lived there. It was really interesting and the house is actually behind a shop, the coolest shop ever. It's probably quite a controversial shop, selling ouija boards and books on how to perform seances etc but it was really cool. Didn't see any ghosts though haha.

The creepy shop on Stonegate

After this, we needed to kill some time before going for dinner so we went on the York wheel. Maybe this wasn't the best idea as it was snowing quite badly and going dark, it was also really windy at the top :| We still could see across the city though and it was pretty fun. We had also planned on going on 'The Original Ghost Walk' but after sliding about on the snow all day and the weather being freezing we decided it wasn't the best idea. So we had to miss that :(

York Wheel

Tom on the city wall.
Me on the city wall.

On Thursday, we visited the Jovik centre which was pretty cool. It's a ride which takes you around a reconstructed viking village. It really smelt funny though, it was like oxo cubes and the smells changed as you went around the village it was so unusual.

Then the shopping commenced! We pottered about the small touristy shops which were so cute and lovely. The street with all the little shops on really reminded me of Diagon Ally in Harry Potter. I decided I needed a bit of luxury in my life so I treated myself to a new foundation and a lipstick from Mac and Tom bought me some lovely perfumes from Soap & Glory :) Also bought a neclace from Topshop which i thought was going to be £10 but it was actually £1.50! Winner.

Later that night, as it was Valentines day, we went to Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant and Tom ordered vast amounts of food hmm. It was sooo nice. My favourites were the 'posh chips' they are the business. Also throughly enjoyed the mango sorbet and the latte was lavish!

Anyway, Friday was home time :( But we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and York is such a cute little place :))

Leanne x


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