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Hello everyone!

I have a quick nail polish review for you today. It's a Barry M polish in the shade Mustard (very fittingly named). I saw a display in Superdrug not too long ago of what I think are new Autumn shades and this was one if them. I think it's one of them shades that's unusual and people will either love it or hate it. I think it's interesting. And definitely a seasonal colour.

It's just from the Gelly range so it's kept really simple. I think this colour would look really good paired with other Autumn-y colours, maybe a burgundy, navy blue or forest green.

This performs just like the other Gelly paints from Barry M. It takes a few coats to build it up, it takes about 15mins to dry and it's super shiny once it does. The only thing that lets these polishes down is that they chip pretty quickly. I still need to apply a top coat on mine for it to last a while.

I'd say you couldn't get a colour more likened to actual mustard if you tried. I have mentioned before that I don't really like yellow nail polish, just something about it doesn't match my pale skin tone. However the deepness of this shade, combined with the Autumn weather and the uniqueness of this polish works well!

Would you wear a mustard coloured nail polish?

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Leanne x
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Thoughts of the day
  • I just love Johnny Depp.
  • Can't believe how quickly the weekend has gone, it's just flown buy. However, working full time has truly made me appreciate a lie in.
  • Would you like to look at my future bed? Can't wait to order it when my room is finally built! LINK.
  • ALMOST ordered this fantastic bareMinerals deal from QVC today. Still really want it buy I need to save some money :( 7 Piece Glamour Collection. Someone please give me a valid reason to order it :D


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