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Hello everyone!

So my first Lush experience consisted of Candy Mountain and I have to say, it was splendid. 

I thoroughly enjoyed relaxing in the bath after a long week with the sweet smelling bubbles, it was quite the soothing experience and a nice change considering I haven't had a bath in years. (We only had a shower in the old house).

I found that Candy Mountain filled the room with scent (it's not a huge room so it wasn't difficult to be honest) and it produced lots and lots of bubbles. I'm not sure if it made the water pink because, well, the bath is green so it was difficult to tell. When we have a white bath I shall update you all haha!

Thankfully, my skin was silky smooth after my bath which I was really pleased about because my skin will react to anything given half the chance. 

One thing I will warn you about though is that you properly have to crumble it under the tap otherwise you'll have random bits of sand floating about your water because it doesn't melt itself. Probably the main difference between a bath bomb and a bubble bar, right? :D

Anyway, I will definitely pay £2.75 again for a Candy Mountain bubble bath!

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x

Thoughts of the day
  • Currently watching the X Factor.. who's your favourite this year? I like Paul and Ben :)
  • Has anyone seen the new Barry M Glitterati polishes? They are BEAUT. I bought 4 of them.... haul coming soon ;D
  • I also bought the Benefit Christmas gift set, Cheeky Sweet Stop. It's a palette of 6 blushes, their What's Up highlighter and a brush... for £29.50.....WHAAA? LINK
  • I passed a 3 day First Aid training course this week! So proud of myself hahaha. And it was so much fun! Anyone need their life saving?
  • Last but not least, my biggest thought of the week. I got a new job!!!! Well, it's still at the same school but it's a higher position. I'm very pleased :)


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