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Hello everyone!

Recently I bought a few new nail polishes from China Glaze, I always order nail polishes from Nail Polish Direct because they have really good brands at highly discounted prices and offer free delivery! If you'd like to see that haul you can click here

The first shade I'm reviewing for you is called Prism; it's a glitter polish. I'd say the overall colour of it is purple/silver but there are flecks of multi-coloured glitter packed in there too. 

It took two thick coats of polish for me to achieve an opaque finish which is brilliant as sometimes glitter polishes need a coloured undercoat, this didn't at all. I do seem to remember it taking a while to dry though so I'd recommend you give yourself plenty of time to apply it!

I wore this for a whole week and got minimal chips but I will mention that it is a nightmare to get off. You need time and patience. 

This is one of my favourite polishes I've tried from China Glaze as of yet, what do you think?

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Thoughts of the day
  • Today I have had a truly lazy day. I didn't get up until 11am :| Then I just hung around in bed with Hect, online shopping, until 1pm. Then I took photographs for my SheInside haul which took about 20minutes and I do not know what else I've done! Except two lots of laundry. Oh and I hoovered my room!

  • Yesterday my friends and I booked to go to Amsterdam! Wooo. Check us out being little globe trotters hahahaa. We're going in the half term holidays (two weeks away) for two nights and I'm so excited. Blog posts to follow! 

  • I placed an order on the Debenhams website today and specifically filled my basket so that I qualified for free delivery and at the checkout I was still charged £3.99 for delivery. I am not a happy bunny. Has anyone else had this problem? I did email them but I suppose I won't hear anything until Monday now. 


  1. This looks lovely and sparkly! I hate removing glitter polishes though, it's such a shame how they look so pretty but are a pain to get off.

    Lucy x

  2. This is such a gorgeous polish! I absolutely love glitter and regularly have it on my nails and this is a really pretty one! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles


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