Amsterdam Photo Diary | 17-19 Feb 2015

Hello everyone!
It was recently half-term here in the UK and as I work in a school I also got to lavish in a nice week off, muhahah (4 weeks, 4 days 'till the next one). To celebrate two of my friend's 22nd birthdays we booked a short break to Amsterdam! I've never been to Holland before so I was pretty excited, my two main aims were to drink plenty of alcohol and visit the Anne Frank house. Not necessarily in that order. 
What I learnt in Amsterdam:
  • Either the Vodka or Coke must have flecks of actual, real 24 carat gold in it because it was €9 for a single (not even a double) drink. How do they live?! You have to take out a mortgage to go on a night out.
  • No matter when it is that I see another bicycle it will be too soon. Cyclists have the right-of-way over there, too, so even  if you're an innocent pedestrian you have to get the f**k outta the way. Or prepare to get dinged at. 
  • If you just keep walking you will eventually find your way back to where you started. 
  • You have not experienced a legit pancake until you've had a Dutch one. 
  • Every set of stairs you climb will be an actual mountain. The buildings are so narrow that the stairs are practically vertical. I wish I'd taken a picture of the ones in our apartment. It was so funny. Here's a fairly accurate representation.

Here are some pretty scenic pictures:

The queue for the Anne frank house was in a league of its own. Definitely took over an hour to get to the door.

We went to Amsterdam's Ice Bar and it was bloody freezing. -9oc degrees the room was. Although we got 2 drinks of vodka and orange served in ice glasses so that was pretty cool.

Myself and an ice sculptured polar bear.

The club we went in genuinely gave us 2 free bottles of Prosecco. I actually despise wine but it beat paying €9 for a drink.  

The above picture does not do the size of that Torah justice. It was huge.

Could I be more European? Bagel and Coffee. It was delightful. 

On day two we went on a romantic canal cruise. Jokes. It was freezing and we sat outside the whole way, passive smoking. However, I did get a cool picture of the Anne Frank house. 

I ordered a pancake with bananas, chocolate and cream. They cook the bananas in with the pancake mixture then you just pour the chocolate on. Omg it was gorgeous. 

We visited the Torture Museum because we're a bunch of weirdos. We also went to the legendary Sex Museum but the only picture I got was of my friend stood next to a giant knob and I'm not sure she'd want that on my blog ;) Sorry guys, I can tell you're disappointed. 

On the last night was went to what looked like a shady steak house called, Steak House. It was SO nice though. We were stunned. I ordered BBQ chicken, chips and grilled veg. 

Then we meandered down to the infamous Red Light District (as you can see from the picture, the red lights know no bounds). It was like something out of a film. Why don't they have a male version? A Blue Light District? 

That's yer lot. 
Next on my agenda is Munich or Dublin. Stay tuned. 

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x
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Thoughts of the day:
  • If you've not already seen, NuMe have a discount at the moment where you can order any pair of curling irons or curling wand for only $29. I've just ordered the 25mm ones which are supposed to be $140. Use code: ukv29 to receive the offer. I'm so excited to receive mine!
  • So which is it? Blue and black or white and gold? I see blue and black but the whole fiasco serious freaked me out at work today. My head could not accept that some people see the dress so differently. Still can't if I'm honest. 
  • I think I'm currently suffering my first case of heart burn. I haven't had it before but my chest is burning so I presume it's heart burn. Woe is me.


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