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Hello everyone!

Okay, so I'd heard of the She Inside website for quite a while but never took the time to have a look and order something. Then one night I was on Facebook or YouTube or some kind of social media and saw an advert which caught my eye. Shortly thereafter I found myself adding item after item into my basket...

Rather stupidly, it didn't cross my mind to look for some reviews until after I'd placed my order but I'm pretty glad that I didn't because I wouldn't have bought anything. I felt a little sick after spending about £90 only to find a serious lack of positive reviews online.

3 weeks later my parcel arrived and I couldn't be happier with everything I bought.

The most 'substantial' item I bought is this coat which was in the sale for $37.19 and I've just shocked myself because I thought I payed less than that. Anyway, I didn't realise you could change the currency to £ so that's why all my prices are in dollars. 

I was nervous that this was going to be absolutely nothing like the picture but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it. One good thing about the website is that some items have pictures of people wearing them which they upload to earn points. That's a really useful way of seeing what something actually looks like. 

This is quite a thin coat so I've decided it is going to be a spring coat but it is really fluffy and warm on the inside and I bet with a scarf and gloves it would keep you pretty toasty in the winter too. One downfall is that it won't stop leaving balls of fur everywhere and I don't know how to stop it. Any ideas of how to prevent this will be gratefully received in the comments!

I ordered a size M which fits me pretty snugly but I won't be able to fit anything thick underneath so I'd probably go with an L next time just for some extra room.

Next is this thick blue jumper which cost $11.98. This came in a few different colours, I think red and green were some. This will be really nice and comfortable to wear but I have had to wash it first because it smelt like plastic. I have heard that this is a common occurrence and I'm not sure that I want to know why it smells like plastic. I shall look forward to wearing it when it's been washed though. 

This looks better on than hung up... trust me. It also could to with an iron. I bought this after seeing someone wear a blouse in this colour paired with some leather-look pants and it looked gorgeous so I'm really looking forward to recreating that look when it is creaseless. This cost $11.78.

This t-shirt is definitely one of my favourite items and I'd look for similar things next time I place an order. It's just a boxy, thin material top but the patterns make it interesting and a bit hippy-looking. I'll love this when the weather picks up with some sunnies on and denim shorts.

Even that back has detail! This cost $10.74.

This is definitely going to be my next night-out top. Paired with some high-waisted pants and heels... it'll look awesome ;) How cute is the blue dinosaur? This cost $11.36.

This top came in a variety of different prints and I could have ordered quite a few but I reigned myself in and picked this multi-coloured feather pattern for $14.46. I thought this was going to be really thin and cheap material but it's reasonably thick actually. Definitely something you could wear in the winter with a strappy top underneath. The sleeves on this are very skinny though so maybe bear that in mind if you like some arm room. 

I couldn't resist this shirt when I saw it just because I love the colours. I need to start getting wear out of this before the weather picks up. The sleeves can be worn rolled up or all the way down and it's made of a thick flannel kind of material. I think once it's had a wash with some fabric softer it will loosen up a bit but right now it's quite stiff. This cost $12.40.

This skirt I also bought for the pattern. I'll definitely be taking this to Amsterdam with me for an evening outfit because I just love it. This cost $13.44 and I'm really glad I found it because it's better quality than some of the skirts I've bought at River Island for twice the price! 

Lastly, I picked up two scarves which are equally as pretty. This one is definitely more autumnal with it's dark shades. It's made of very thick and warm material and cost $11.90.

This second scarf cost $12.60 and is made of smoother material than the other one. I love the cool-toned geometric print as I don't have anything similar already at home. They also had this in a pink-toned version which I was extremely tempted by but how many scarves does one possibly need? 

That's where my She Inside shopping spree came to an end. Don't forget all them prices are in dollars so when converted, my total bill was considerably less. For example, those scarves ended up being about £7.00 each which is really great value for money. 


The bottom line is that I would absolutely place another order with She Inside. It is a little bit nerve wracking because the website is so different to what I'm accustomed to. For example, they give you an order number on the screen after you've placed the order but they don't send you a confirmation email... you have to track your order yourself online so make sure you make a note of your order number!

Additionally, I didn't receive an invoice with my order when it arrived so unfortunately I'm not sure how you would go about returning goods. I did consider this and came to the conclusion that it would probably cost more to return it that the item is actually worth so if something didn't fit me or I didn't like it I would probably sell it or give it to someone. Please leave me a comment if you know how to return something :)

Also, the discount codes are quite unusual. I think I had one for 36% off which I applied at the checkout expecting 36% to be taken off my total bill. Everything I bought was already in the sale so some items had 20% off, some only had 10% etc and that code made all the items have 36% off unless they were already discounted higher than that. If you understand? So overall, it wasn't that big of a discount because everything I picked was discounted anyway. 

Something else to note is the sizing, I'm a UK size 10, generally, and I bought everything in Medium and everything fits fine. The 'one size' items fit well but if they were any smaller it would be verging on too small. Sleeves in particular seem to be pretty skinny. The majority of items I bought have no tags on them, so none that you take off and none that are sewn in except the green blouse. 

If you look at the delivery information it says UK standard delivery takes 8-15 days (or there abouts) you also need to take into account the 7 days processing time it takes them to pack your order before they ship it so if says 8 days you're looking at 15 days. I think mine took 16 days to arrive which I was pretty impressed with. I also wasn't charged any custom charges if you're wondering and it was quite a bulky parcel. 

I think that's all the worth-while information I can give you about the site. Overall, if you see something you really like on the website I'd suggest that you order it and hope for the best! All the reviews I read were pretty negative but they were all written in 2013 or even earlier so the website must have improved since then.

 If you have any other questions feel free to ask me in the comments and I'll reply to you!

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x
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  1. Love this post because I was considering buying items off SheInside but wasn't sure due to reviews. Think I will definitely buy off the site now

    1. I'm glad to have shed some positive light on SheInside! :) x

  2. Thank you for a useful review :) You don't happen to have the link to the 'hippy' t-shirt, do you?

    1. Thanks for reading! Here's like link:

      Leanne x


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