My New Toy...

Hello everyone!

I went shopping for a skirt and impulse bought an iMac. A bit extreme, I know. Actually, I can't say I 100% impulsively bought it because I've been wanting one for a long, long time. Just after Christmas I almost bought one but having just spent £500 on Ikea furniture my bank account was really feeling it but I did tell myself that I would get one over the next few months. 

With a night out impending, I took myself to Manchester to buy a new skirt and dangerously went to look at the Macs in the Apple shop. Before I knew it, one of the geniuses was helping me fill out my information and it was ordered. 

I ordered it on Saturday and it arrived on Tuesday. Since then I've been pretty inseparable from it, I kiss it every morning before I go to work and at bedtime again. Jokes. But I do really love it.

I plan to make this my 'blogging' computer. I didn't transfer anything from my Macbook except the things I use for blogging and some of my favourite shows i.e. TVD, The Originals, Saving Hope because I didn't want all the memory taken up. This is my first experience with the new Yosemite software too, and I really like it. It's so similar to the iPhone software. 

Hopefully this very expensive purchase will really inspire me to get my ass into gear with my blog. If this doesn't, I literally don't know what will haha. I've even bought myself a personalised mouse mat from Etsy, see here

If anyone can suggest any ideas for a weekly reoccurring post like a series I'd be really interested to hear your ideas. I'm someone who thrives with a routine and without one I just crash and burn. At the moment I have no blogging timetable so my creative juices are just not flowing. 

At the moment I'm thinking of maybe a weekly TA-type post, websites or books I've found throughout the week that are useful teaching resources. It wouldn't appeal to everyone but it's an idea.  Or maybe a Week-in-the-life kinda post where I combine all the pictures I've taken throughout the week. That could go up on a Sunday. 

Let me know if you have any ideas!

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x
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  1. I absolutely love my MacBook Pro that I bought recently and I'm definitely going to be purchasing an iMac when I'm in my own flat, I love the idea of having one in an office and my MacBook which is more mobile! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    1. You'll love it! Macbook Pros are awesome... I've had mine since 2010 and it's still running like clockwork. I agree, it's nice to have a mobile option too! x

  2. I like week-in-a life types of posts, I think they're kinda fun! Another idea could be a weekly, or bi-weekly feature of a band/singer and the songs you enjoy listening to by them.. And congrats on your big spend! :>


    1. I'm definitely going to give the week in the life posts a go! And the music post is a really good idea, thank you!

      Hahaha, I love it :D

      Leanne x


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