Photo Diary | 27th Feb - 7th March

I've decided to start a new series on my blog where every Monday I will collect all the pictures I've taken on my phone over the last week and collage them together into a sort of diary post. I've done similar things in the past but never committed to it so let's see how it goes! 

Last Friday brought us the dress controversy. It absolutely stunned me and still does. What colour do you see it in? I see blue and black. Sunday I tried to be healthy for a day and had a strawberry yoghurt with a peach for breakfast. I have a bit of an addiction to peaches at the moment. Then for dinner I had a smoked cheese and pickle sandwich which was gorgeous too. Carbalicious though. The candle I have been burning recently is Mandarin Cranberry by Yankee, it's lovely. I currently have my eye on Red Raspberry which I think I'll buy when I next get payed.

I had been craving stir fry all week and at weekend my wish came true, with lashings of Lea & Perrins sauce mmm. Hector was a tired teddy on Sunday night and fell asleep on my shoulder. On Monday I went to Costco with my Mum. A member of staff brought some cakes into work which were beautiful so I signed up for individual membership and bought a giant chocolate fudge cake and a lemon drizzle loaf. Awesomeness. 

My fingernails this week consisted of Barry M's Silk polish in Orchid with the Sally Hansen anti-chip topcoat. They were so shiny! I ordered a personalised mouse mat on Etsy from this seller. You can choose what colours and shapes you want and the letters too. I am so happy with it and it only cost £8.99 with free p&p. There's a nice picky of predator and pray. I took a mid-week trip to Asda for treats and picked up The Strings of Murder by Oscar De Muriel who actually lives in Lancashire! Same as me! I also bought some McVities Chocolate Hobnobs because I'm obsessed with them and some Border Lemon Drizzle biscuits, don't they sound amazing?

On Thursday (thank the lord that my salon stays open late on a Thurs otherwise I'd never get chance to go in!) I got my tootsies re-gelled and my eyebrows tinted and waxed. I went for a neon pink shade because I needed something summery in my life. Then on Friday I took my Mum to Wagamama in Manchester. I finally wore my coat I bought from SheInside, you can see it in this haul post. I ordered the Chicken Ramen which was lovely but awkward to eat. My Mum got the Chicken Katsu Curry which I would probably get if we went again. We also got some grilled vegetables to share which were really tasty. Finally, on Saturday morning my NuMe order arrived! I bought a 25mm curling wand when they had all curling tools discounted to $29.99, what a bargain is that? For something that should cost $149. The delivery was super fast and I can't wait to use them and review them for you! 

So that concludes last week! 
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Leanne x

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