Photo Diary | 8th - 14th March 2015

Following on from last week's photo diary, today I'm compiling the photos I've collected throughout this week. I'm hoping that as the days roll on and writing this post becomes a habit I'll start remembering to take pictures as I'm out and about rather than just food, candles and nails! I'd like it to be more of a week-in-the-life rather than random photos. But for now, let's crack on with the post!

As the weather here in Manchester was a little bit warmer last weekend I decided to bust out my Vanilla Lime Yankee Candle which was put away at the end of last summer. It was so fresh and really got me in the mood for spring. All hail the sun!

I find my little Hector in the strangest of positions. For quite a big lizard he really can squeeze himself into little places. I just thought he looked so cute curled up like that. 

My nails sported, once again, Barry M's finest this week. I had on the silk polish in Forest with the Sally Hansen anti-chip top coat to make it super duper shiny. 

On Sunday a.k.a hair wash day, I used my new NuMe curling wand. I absolutely loved the curls it made and despite how hot they get my hair still felt smooth and healthy afterwards. There will be a review and more pictures up on Friday 20th March if you're interested!

So I saw this 365 blogging ideas book somewhere recently. I'm not sure if it was a YouTube video or a blog post but I decided to buy one for myself. I ordered it from Amazon and I think it was about £10. Sometimes I really just need some interesting ideas otherwise I'll just write pointless hauls all the time. I've decided to pick a topic out of the book for every Wednesday post until my brain starts thinking up some decent ideas of its own ;)

The next two pictures are Instagram snaps that I thought were awesome. The rabbit is one of the cutest things I've ever seen and the chameleon drawing so cool.  

Last week, we had a Sunday dinner on Thursday. Buzzin. 

The pictures in this segment are not chronological which is bugging me. So we'll start with the perfume. Superdrug had a Mother's Day offer on where you could buy a 100ml bottle of Armani Diamonds for £35 as opposed to £70. I love the smell of this perfume as it's strong and lingers around all day so I snapped up a bottle of that. 

Then on Friday after work, my friends and I went to Frankie & Bennies for some lunch. Obviously cocktails were consumed I they were lovely. I had a strawberry  which I've not had for a long time. 

Saturday morning I attempted to wear my hair in a high pony tail but just didn't have the confidence to actually go out with it like that. I think it looked quite good though! What do you think? As you can see, the curls I put in my hair on Sunday lasted all the way through till the following Saturday. That's good going!

My sister and I went shopping and I came home with a whole host of Selfridges bags. I needed a serious pick-me-up so I treated myself to some pretty new makeup. I actually wanted to buy the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation but I couldn't find my shade anywhere as they're phasing it out to be reformulated and repackaged!!

As the final Saturday treat I ordered a naughty Chinese take-out. We don't have take-outs often in this house (we're more like McDonalds fiends) so it was justified and I'm currently eating warmed up, left over chow mien and salt and pepper chips whilst I write this post. Yum.

Thanks for reading everyone,
See you next time, 
Leanne x

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  1. Beautiful and interesting! Thanks for sharing!
    Like your blog and I’ll be happy to see you in my!)

    p.s. new post - how I met Victoria Beckham

    Diana Cloudlet


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