10 Weird Satisfactions!

We all have them small satisfactions in life, don't we? For some people it's the click of a lipstick lid, popping bubble wrap or the smell of cut grass. Well today I thought I'd list 10 of my favourite small moments in life. Things that really make me happy!

1. Opening the seal of a new jar of coffee. 
There is just something really satisfying about punching the spoon into the foil lid and starting a brand new jar of Kenco coffee.

2. The sound of two snooker balls hitting each other. 
I love to watch snooker anyway but sometimes I could literally fall asleep listening to the balls hit each other on the table. 

3. The smell of books. 
I know some people like the smell of new books but I love the smell of any book. Bookshops, libraries, my own bookshelves. I really enjoy it. 

4. Stationary.

I buy stationary just for the fun of it. Especially notepads... stacks upon stacks of them. Paperchase is like a dream to me.

5. Perfectly flat things.
When you open a new candle and the wax is smooth and perfect <3 Or jelly that's just set, a new pot of Vaseline and snow. 

6. Mood Lights.

I find lights that slowly drift in and out of different colours so relaxing. At the steam rooms I go to they have little LED lights in the ceiling and a mood lamp and I find them so relaxing.

7. Zen music. 
Whilst writing this post I'm currently listening to this three hour long piece of zen music. If I'm feeling tired or lethargic I can listen to it for ages. I love it mostly when I'm in a beauty salon and they have this music playing. I could fall asleep.

8. Rain hitting the windows. 
When I'm not outside or at work and everyone's at home I just love listening to the rain. I also have a sleeping app on my phone which has noises such as rain and waterfalls and it sends me straight to sleep. 

9. Glitter.
Anything that sparkles immediately catches my eye. I'm a magpie. 

10. The smell of a sauna.

Does anyone else love the smell of a sauna? I don't even know what the smell is. It seems like a mixture of wood, heat and fire. I wonder if you can get a sauna scented candle? 


What are your weird satisfactions? 
I'd love to hear them in the comments!

See you next time, 
Leanne x
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  1. I totally get the sauna smell too! I also love glitter and the sound of rain, so comforting!

    Lucy x

    1. Glad I'm not the only one who's obsessed with the sauna smell haha! X


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