NuMe 25mm Magic Wand Review

I still can't get over the absolute steal that was these curlers. I had been eager to try something from the NuMe brand ever since they contacted me telling me about the discount codes I could offer on my blog. However, the price and shipping always put me off despite the excellent reviews I'd read.

About two weeks ago they had an offer on throughout the website which I think was all curling tools were down to $29.99. That's a huge discount. I eventually settled on the 25mm wand which is the medium size. If the larger size had been in stock I would have probably opted for that one instead but I'm happy with the ones I picked. These come in about 5 different colours including black, purple and green. Pink was the only colour left in stock by time I got there.

Overall, in pound sterling the whole order cost me £32 which is bloody brill considering the shipping was almost $20 and they put an extra $8 on the bill for customs.

The estimated delivery was 15 working days but mine arrived in about 9 days which I really wasn't expecting. I was thinking more like a month.

The package arrived via Yodel in a box which was totally undamaged. The curling wand itself is packaged in the cutest tube which is colour matched to the wand you pick. I'd have loved to see the green one! I also ordered a European plug and they kindly provided me with a Euro-UK adaptor which I thought was really kind.

The wand comes with a heat proof glove, which I use all the time so that's handy, and an instructions guide. 

I found the curlers really easy to use, just like any others I've tried. They reach up to 230 degrees which is ridiculously hot but does the job in speedy time. I found that the easy-grip texture of the handle was really useful whilst curling my hair as it stopped it being slippy. The only problem I had with them is that the buttons are easy to press so as I was working with them I kept accidentally turning the heat down.

I was pretty scared of all the heat I was using because my normal curlers don't get anywhere near that hot but my hair felt surprisingly smooth and healthy afterwards, It was super shiny too which really reassures me.

You can see how my hair turned out below...

It took me about 20mins to achieve a full head of curls but I took big sections of hair and didn't leave it on the curlers long. If I wanted even more curls I could definitely get that by taking smaller sections of hair. 

After I'd slept on them, the curls had dropped but only a little which I was glad about because I was going to work the next day, not on a night out unfortunately haha!

I'm really looking forward to using these next time I go out, I'm planning BIG hair!

You can visit the NuMe website here.

What are your thoughts on the NuMe brand?
Have you tried anything from the range? 
If they have another offer on I'll definitely be buying another pair.

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x

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