Bonus Sunday Primarni Haul!

Primark hosted a whole load of buyable things this weekend. Sometimes I go in there and find sweet FA and others I want everything. I just picked up a few bits and pieces in the end because I was feeling a little sick at the amount I'd just spent in Selfridges and Boots (beauty haul coming soon) but there was bedding, cushions, throws and many other tops I could have easily bought. 

First up is this bag. I needed a new one for work because my old one was bugging me to high heaven. The clasp had broken and it just flopped about. I'm in love with this one, it's got rose gold hardware on the handles and square cut out detail down the sides. It also comes with a large, removable pouch inside which an iPad can easily fit in. For £10 this is a steal.

Next, I found this black bandage skirt for £8. I used to have one of these which I wore loads when I was 18/19 but it started to look a little too short and figure hugging. This one is a bit longer and is much more flattering. I'm really looking forward to wearing this next time I go out!

I went out with the intentions of buying a lilac jumper. I don't often wear purple and I don't really know why because I think it's a nice colour to match with blonde hair. So I found this one in Primark. It was £6, it's very fine knit, stretchy and baggy and at least if I don't like it, it hasn't broken the bank.

I love this knitted top so much. It's like something you'd find in River Island for four times the price. They had it in all black and all white too which I would have liked to buy as well but you've got to have some control, haven't you?

It was only £5 and I can see me wearing this on nights out and throughout the summer.

Moving on now to accessories, I picked up a few hair things including headbands. I use headbands to get my hair out of the way when I'm doing my makeup but recently I've seen people wearing really thin headbands just out and about. They must be coming back in fashion! So I bought a pack of 5 normal ones and a pack of 2 zig zag ones which were both £1. I also got some pretty pink hair ties for £1.

Last but not least, I finally caved and bought some Primary makeup. I saw a review on MissBudgetBeauty's blog or YouTube, I can't remember which, but the lipsticks looked really great so I bought 2 of them for £1.50 each, 2 blush sticks also £1.50 and an eyeshadow palette for £2.50 (like I need more eyeshadows). Let me know if you'd like me to review them!

So that's everything I picked up from Primark. Believe me it could have been much worse!

What's your favourite recent Primark purchase?

Thanks for reading,
Leanne x

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P.S. Sorry that some of the pictures aren't brill, the dark was fast approaching and my photography skills leave a lot to be desired. I'll try to do better, promise!


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