Knaresborough & Mother Shipton's Cave

Helloo everyone!
Long time no see :( How're you all doing?

On Sunday (6th October) Tom and I visited a place I'd never heard of before called Knaresborough (Harrogate, Yorkshire). We went to see a place called Mother Shipton's Cave where supposedly a witch used to live. She was said to be a witch because items were 'petrified' or turned to stone there. It was really interesting to see and we obviously know now that things turned to stone so quickly due to the high mineral content in the water (or something along them lines). It only takes 3 months for an item such as a hat or shoe to completely turn to stone. However, the whole story of it is actually really interesting so I'd definitely recommend having a read on Wikipedia or Google if you're in to witches and prophecies etc., she was supposed to have predicted some strange things.

Nevertheless, the place is still pretty creepy so I thought you'd like to see some pictures I took. Unfortunately I forgot my good camera because I'm a dumb ass so iphone quality it is... enjoy!

A wishing well. For your wish to come true you have to put one hand in the water and leave your hand to naturally dry...
Wishing Water...
Is it unusual that I had the urge to sneak some leaves off that red house for my candle jars? Such a pretty colour!
Sunday Dinner! 
Have you visited anywhere recently?
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