Yankee Candle Halloween Tea Light Deal!

Hello everyone! 

In light of it now being October and Halloween quickly approaching I wanted to buy some new candles to fragrance my room. The problem was I wanted both the Candy Corn and the Witch's Brew scents. However, I didn't want to fork out for both the candles so I saw a deal on eBay for 1 set of tea lights in each scent and a tea light holder! 

I think this is a really great deal, the tea lights burn for a whole evening and fill a small-medium sized room like a candle would. You'd probably need to light a few more to fill a large room with the scent. I know these tea light sets are around £7.00 RRP so to get 2 sets and a holder for less than £10.00 is a bargain! 

Scent wise, the Candy Corn is very sweet, as you'd expect, and the Witch's Brew (my favourite) is very musky and heavy, it definitely smells like what I'd imagine a Witch's coven would smell like...

I'd definitely check this deal out if you're looking for something Halloweeny or aren't sure which scent to buy. 

Price: £9.99
You can see the deal HERE.

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