April Favourites (Better late than never)!

Hello everyone!

I've been getting these posts out on the 1st of each month but this one's a little late, sorry!

Throughout April I wrote my dissertation, 9,000 words on Nineteenth Century degenerative literature is over and done with! I'm so happy it's handed in :)

As a result I haven't really been keeping track of my favourites or trying anything new but I will share with you my very minimal stand out items from April. So let's get on with it...

1. Garnier 5 Sec Perfect Blur 

This primer is great, I bought it when it was on offer in Boots and I wear it every day under my foundation now. It smooths your skin out brilliantly and mattifies too. 

2. Coffee

Last month it was tea, this month it's definitely coffee and full fat coke!

3. Pyjamas

Call me lazy but when I have a full day ahead of me sat in front of my laptop typing away, I like to be comfortable so my PJs have been a big thing this month.

4. My laptop

My MacBook played a big part this month and although I've had my Mac for over three years, I can definitely say I only love it more <3

5. Fin de Siècle A Reader in Cultural History 

This was the most expensive book I bought it prep for my dissertation and it proved itself extremely useful for my topic. I'd highly recommend this if anyone's writing about Fin de Siècle fiction. Also, I signed up to a free trial of Amazon Prime for Students and the next day delivery works a treat!

7. Hector

My baby kept me company all throughout this month whilst I was stuck in my room :) Isn't he cute? 

They're all my favourites from the month of April!

Hope you enjoyed reading,
see you next time,
Leanne x
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P.S. At the beginning of April I blogged all the way up to the last post (Resolutions Update) so it's been a while since I've written anything on here and although I have many things to show you and tell you about it's taking me a while to get the motivation back! Hopefully that will happen soon.

P.P.S Hello to my new followers, thanks for following :D

Upcoming posts consist of:

A (rather large) haul
A post on a nail polish I won in AmBlog's giveaway
A 'Top Tips for writing a Dissertation' post
I also have some reviews lined up


  1. I was so chuffed when I saw the 5 second blur on sale in Boots, but when I've used it, I feel like my skin is oiler!
    Now how does that work?
    Glad it works for you!

    AmBlog | Life, Beauty & Anything In Between.

    1. It's funny you should say that because my skin has been a bit oily recently but I'm really prone to dry skin. I never put it down to using the 5 second blur but maybe it's that! I do like the finish it gives but if it's that making my skin oily it defeats putting a primer on in the first place :/
      Thanks for the comment, you've given me something to think about haha! xx


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