Top Tips For Writing Your Dissertation!

Hello everyone! 

Today I thought I'd tell you all my top five tips for writing your dissertation. This would probably be more useful in a few more months when students are thinking of ideas for next year but while it's fresh in my mind I decided I would write it now!

Not only is this helpful for dissertation writing but you could also use these ideas for other coursework pieces throughout school, college and university.

1. Pick a topic that you are genuinely interested in. Choose something that you want to learn more about, something that you want to persuade the reader to be on your side about. Create an interesting, believable and achievable argument. Don't pick a difficult topic thinking you'll get higher marks for it, you may well do, but it will be such a chore writing it. Good writing and unique ideas will get you much further.

2. Set daily goals and stick to them. Say to yourself 'I want to write 700 words today' and don't stop until you have that many words. Even if the last 200 words are utter shit, they can still be edited the next day. This way something is always happening, you're always progressing significantly towards the finishing point.

3. Don't end the day on something you are struggling with. Try to finish at a place that you can easily pick up again tomorrow. Or finish the day at a place where you can start with a new topic and a clear mind.

4. Split it into sections. For each section treat it as a new essay. Make separate word documents for each section. For example, set aside perhaps 1,000 words for your intro and conclusion. Maybe have 500 words after your intro generally discussing your topic so you don't have to keep explaining things throughout your argument then with the remaining word count split that in to as many short essays as you need.

For my dissertation I wrote three 2,000 word essays with different topics and different books which at the end created chapters.

This is helpful because your document doesn't become overwhelming and confusing. Also, you'll find yourself editing each section on its own rather than over editing just your first page.

5. Self motivation. Nobody is pushing you to do this. Every 300 words or so treat yourself to a coffee or a little break. Keep yourself interested. Work towards something. perhaps book a short break away to look forward to whilst writing it. Try to enjoy writing it (as much as possible).


So they're my top tips for dissertation writing.

If you're reading this and are about to embark on writing your dissertation I wish you the best of luck!

Thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful,
Leanne x

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  1. Very good tips, I wrote my dissertation last year and there's nothing extra I'd add to this. It's a horrible daunting task to start, but such a rewarding thing to finish x

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