Primark, Debenhams and Forever 21 Haul!

Hello everyone!

Guess what? I went to Primark woooo :D I haven't been for a while so I always like to look at the new stock, they seem to change it quite frequently. I also bought some bits from Debenhams and Forever 21. 

So with summer in the air (probably not for long) I picked up quite a few summery pieces!

Hope you enjoy!

First, Primark

This caught my eye because of the print! It's so summery and colourful. It reminds me of a top I bought from New Look which you can see HERE. In fact they had a tank top style in the exact same print as the New Look crop top! 

This was £5.00

This next tank top I bought because coral/pink seems to be the colour that's catching my eye the most at the moment! Also, it has zebras on it :D


I bought two pairs of 'summery' coloured pants. I keep seeing people in coral coloured jeans and I think they look really nice so I jumped on the bandwagon. 

Blue: £7.00
Coral: £8.00

Jellies! Oh the primary school memories!
When I saw these in the shops I knew I'd have to get some for summer. I've seen these in New Look for £15.00 and River Island for about £18.00. 

These were only £6.00 and they look exactly the same.

When the sunglasses are only £1 you can afford some variety, yes? 

I bought some orange and purple ones, a tortoise-shell style which remind me of my Top Shop glasses which got scratched :( And I bought another pair of blue glasses for Tom.

Lastly from Primark, I picked up this Accessory Hanger. I see these all the time, debate buying one, never do then wish I had when I get home. So this time I bought one, I plan to hang all my scarves on it.

This was £2.00

On to Debenhams

Whilst getting ready to go out shopping I realised that my handbag was pretty wintery. As Debenhams had a sale on I browsed the handbags and found this!

It's a pastel pink bag, quite large and such soft leather, it's so pretty.

It also has a really pretty pattern on the inside, as the Mantaray range usually does. 

This was £17.50 in the sale.

I also found these sandals and became obsessed with them immediately. They're so basic but not... Do you know what I mean? 

Even though my feet don't like between the toe shoes, these are extremely soft so I'm hoping they'll be okay. 

These were around £23.00 in the sale. 

Lastly, Forever 21

I keep seeing these really basic v-neck tops everywhere and I think they're really nice. The only thing is they're so expensive for what they are. Does anyone agree? 

They had some really lovely ones in Top Shop for about £12.00 and I just thought I'm not paying £12 for a plain t-shirt. 

However, I spied these on the Forever 21 website and decided to pick a few up. How often do you order something online and it's exactly what you want? Not often but these are pretty close!

I bought the colours 'Pink'

'Seagrass' (I think!)

And 'Oatmeal' 

I did want white but they didn't have just a white one. They didn't have black either though soo...

I bought these in a size M so they would be a bit baggy and they fit great and I'm usually a size 10. Incase you're wondering :)

These were £4.75 each. 

Next, I picked up this aztec style tank top. I thought this would look nice with some denim shorts. 

This was £5.00. 

Last but not least, I bought this neon orange top. I have to admit, it looked nicer on the website but I do still like it for what it is :) 

Plus, this was only about £4.00 so I can't complain haha!

So, that's everything, I feel prepped and ready for summer!

Thanks for reading, 
see you next time, 
Leanne x

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Thoughts of the Day:
  • I have my last exam on Tuesday and them I'm DONE with university!
  • I also go to Liverpool from Weds-Fri next week so hopefully I'll be able to do a little vlog for you all :D 


  1. Great haul, I'm loving Primark's range this season! Those jelly sandals are amazing! :D

    Efflorescent Dream

    1. Thank you! Haha I can't wait to wear them! xx

  2. you found some awesome things! they all look so good.
    I love those jelly sandals too!


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