The April Haul! (Beauty, Fashion, Random)

Hello everyone!
How are you?

Today I'm going to show you the bits and pieces I've picked up over the last month or so. I didn't really get many posts written throughout April so this is a collective post. There are some beauty things, clothing and storage so it's a little random :) 

Also, some of these things I've already had and have been using for a while so don't be surprised if you see reviews on them pretty soon. Anyway, let's crack on...

I picked up The Balm's Shady Lady Vol.1 palette from Debenhams a few weeks ago. It was in the Blue Cross Sale and it was discounted to only £11.00! I'd been eyeing it up online for £25.00 so I'm glad I waited. This is my first ever product from The Balm and so far I'm really impressed.

The colours are really pretty and wearable, there are no matte shades though which might put some people off. Other than that, I've been really enjoying this palette.

My favourite shades so far are the three on the bottom row.

(Unfortunately I can't find The Balm on Debenhams website. And this particular palette isn't on Feel Unique. I've linked to The Balm just incase you wanted some extra info though).

I've picked up two skin care products. 

The first is the Garnier Moisture Match Revitalising Hydrating Gel. There are lots of different types of this moisturiser so I went with the one that is aimed at healthier looking, luminous skin. So far this has been working great and I think I'll try some other kinds in the future. 

The next thing, also from Garnier, is their 5 Sec Perfect Blur primer. This is usually pretty pricy but I bought it on offer for about £8.00. This has been my go to primer since I bought it as it smooths and mattifies really well. 

Both these products work well together too.

I'm on the hunt for a good texturising item. I've tried the Charles Worthington spray that everyone loves so much and although it works well I don't like the sticky feeling it leaves in my hair. However, I'm beginning to think the sticky-ness is inevitable :(

This is a little different as you're supposed to apply it on wet hair as it's a wet formula as opposed to the spray kind. I've not properly trailed this yet but you can look forward to a review soon!

On my hunt to find a replacement Collection Shade 1 Concealer (never in stock anywhere) I had to give in and try something else. My Collection concealer was getting dangerously close to the end so I picked up this Revlon Colour Stay Concealer in the hopes that it will do the job. It's a little darker than the collection one though which is disappointing. 

Next, I picked up a few new nail polish things over the last few weeks. I bought two Barry M polishes whilst in Superdrug, the first being 'Birthday Superdrug' which is a special polish released to celebrate 50 years of Superdrug. It's a hot pink colour with multi-coloured glitter. 

The next shade from Barry M is 'Mediterranean' which is a rose gold oil spill effect polish. It's really pretty but I found it was more gold than pink when applied. 

The next polish is from Maybelline and it's just a shiny top coat, it helps my China Glaze polishes stay around for a few more days but I do have my eye on a Sally Hansen topcoat.

I also bought a polish from Miss Sporty as they were on 3 for 2 when I bought the two Barry M shades. This is called 'Gorgeous Red' (I think) and when applied it looks extremely similar to the Superdrug Barry M shade despite it looking more red in the bottle. I think I actually prefer the Miss Sporty shade too. 

Last but not least, I won a giveaway a few weeks ago which was hosted on Amblog. This is the white shatter polish from China Glaze and I have a post coming soon with a nail look I created with it :)

 Above are the swatches of the polishes, as you can see the two pinks are pretty similar. 

At an event that Tom was working at there was a Bare Minerals counter offering samples of their Lash Domination Mascara so he picked me up two samples! I'm yet to try them but I'm excited to find out whether it's really worth investing in a high-end mascara as so far I haven't been convinced. 

While we're on samples, I asked for a sample of the Estee Lauder Double Ware. I was intending on just buying the full bottle but I decided to simmer down and try a sample before spending all that money. I have two samples because the first counter I went to didn't have the shade I was matched to but the lady sent me to a different counter to get the one I actually needed which was really helpful. 

I've tried the light shade once and I did like it but my skin was having a really bad time which didn't help the staying power so I'm going to try it again when my skin is in better form!

On to some clothes! 

I needed something to wear for a night out and when I saw this top in New Look I instantly loved it. I've never worn one of these short crop top styles before but with my high waisted black pants it looked fine and no belly was on show thankfully!

I also bought this dress from Bank. I was going to wear it for my night out but opted for the top instead. I liked this dress too much to send back though so I'll have to make plans for it in the future!

From River Island I bought this slouchy cardigan having washed my old cream cardigan with something dark which turned it green :(

This is quite long but it's very comfortable and will definitely come in useful throughout summer when I just want something light in the evenings. 

(I can't find a link for this online unfortunately)

I saw this acrylic lipstick holder on eBay for only £2.89! Considering this kind of thing usually costs about £12.00 I ordered it straight away. It did come from China though so I had to wait about two weeks for it but, in all honesty, I'd rather wait two weeks than pay excessive amounts!

Click HERE to buy from the same seller.

Also, I picked up a new makeup back from River Island in the sale for £7.00! It's so colourful and sparkly that I just had to buy it. It has a mirror on the back and is large enough to fit all my everyday makeup in it! Isn't it pretty?

(Not the same pattern but the same design)

Last but not least I treated myself to a new Yankee Candle. I'm currently burning Vanilla Lime but sometimes you just fancy a bit of variety, don't you? So I bought the scent Fireside Treats from eBay after hearing some good reviews and when it arrived I was really pleased with how sweet yet not over powering it is :)

Click HERE to buy from the same seller.

So that's everything I've picked up over the last month!

Have you been treating yourself to any goodies recently?
I've seriously got my eye on the pre made 15 shade cool MAC palette :|

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x

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