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Anyone feeling crafty? I hope so because today I have a super easy DIY post for you!

Since my loft was converted into my bedroom I always wanted to stick to the minimalist, plain and clean white walls. However, one evening a spider was crawling up the wall above my desk so of course I had to take care of it (urgh) but it left a mark on my previously pristine wall. I did try to Tippex it out but that just made it worse.

Rather than painting over the mark, like a normal person, I decided to get crafty and create a little picture montage to cover up the spider juice. So I took myself to Ikea and this is how it turned out...

So I thought I'd show you first how I made a really pretty 3D photo box. Then I have a video showing the process of making the picture frame montage, then I have some extra pictures too.

First thing's first I stocked up on picture frames from Ikea. One of which is this large white 3D box. They had these in all colours and sizes but I wanted one big picture to be the focal point. I think this frame was £4 which is very reasonable.

I decided to fill mine with butterflies as I bought a bunch of them on eBay for about 99p a couple of months back and thought I'd use up the left overs. Mine are purple and pink which contrasts well with all the blues and greens in the other pictures. They sell these in all colours though. And of course you could put something completely different in yours. 

To jazz up the butterflies a bit I added some silver and green gems which are also from Ikea. They sell them in massive tubes and I've had mine for years so they didn't cost me anything extra.

I used PVA glue to stick them onto a piece of card and added some silver star sequins to the white space.

Then I puffed out the butterfly wings to make them look 3D and put the frame back together. This was so quick and easy yet produces something which looks like a lot of effort went into. You'll probably find that you already have all the crafty bits; you just need the frame.

Below, you can watch the video I put together of me putting the picture frames up. It just shows how simple it actually is to make the wall.

Now I have some extra pictures to show you with more info on what I did.

Above you can see what the wall looked like before. Just plain and white. You can also see the spider mark too lol.

These are the rest of the frames I picked up and it turned out to be just enough. I bought all of them, except the big wooden one in the upper right corner and the stripy one next to it, from Ikea. The Ikea ones only cost me £24... for 12 frames! I thought that was such good value. Then the other two I bought from TKMaxx, just to add some quirky ones to the mix.

I stook to black, white, silver and grey as those colours match my room and I knew I was going to put colourful patterns in them anyway. I filled my frames with some fancy paper from TKMaxx which I bought around Christmas last year and never used.

Other nice ideas might be pictures of your friends and family, quotes which mean something to you, interesting pictures from Tumblr etc. or just things that are special to you. I'm just really boring and like pretty patterns haha.

Next I laid them out in an order that I liked and in which they would fit. It took a while for me to get it right because of the funny shaped wall but if you're just dealing with a square wall I'm sure it will be easier.

Then I nervously started sticking them to my wall.

I used a variety of sticky pads and double sided sticky tape (which you can see in the video). I did buy blue tack too but it wasn't at all strong enough. In hindsight, I'd have definitely used no-more-nails instead because the tape I used has completely ruined the wall anyway (I hope I never want to take them off) and it's nowhere near as sturdy.

I have had a few fall off the wall so far and I've just loaded them up with tape and put them back. Since then they've been okay. But if you're going to recreate this I'd really recommend no-more-nails as it's much less hassle.

I started with the green one next to the light switch, then I put the butterfly one up, making sure it was a straight line across the bottom. Then just worked my way up from there.

Once that half was done I put the last few up, once again starting from the bottom making sure the line was straight and worked my way up. 

I absolutely love the way it turned out, I think it really draws the eye to something interesting in the room as it's the only wall with something on it. I'm scared of it starting to look cramped like my old room but I think this is really classy and modern. The only thing that's bugging me is that wonky light switch which my Dad says he will straighten out one day... one day. 

I also de-cluttered my desk, I put away lots of perfume bottles and lipsticks I had hanging around. I was really going for the minimalist look. I did add a vase and bamboo plant though so maybe I just replaced some junk with some different junk? only joking it's not junk

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you think of my new colourful wall in the comments! 

See you next time, 
Leanne x  

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  1. I love this frame wall. I love the fact you have this slope and you embraced that shaped.Well done!

    1. Haha thanks! I love the sloping wall... makes everything a bit more interesting :)
      Thanks for commenting!
      Leanne x

  2. Hi Leanne. I just wanted to tell you that I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award! I think you really deserve it !!!

    1. Aww thank you, glad you enjoy reading my posts! :)
      Leanne x

  3. Wow this looks so good I love it :D
    Alex ox.


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