SheInside Haul | The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

It feels like a million years have passed since I received this SheInside order... probably because it's been months and months. This is going to be one of two SheInside hauls as I placed two orders quite close together, the other one will be up in a few days as it'd be too long to put them together.

As my last SheInside post did so well I thought you'd be interested in seeing a few more bits. I can also give you little reviews having had these clothes for a while now. Enjoy!

Okay, so we'll start with the 'good'. Unlike my last haul where I pretty much loved everything, there were a few duds in this order which we'll get to at the end. With regards to sizing, I usually wear a UK size 10 and everything (unless I mention otherwise) fits okay. Just so I don't keep repeating myself. 

With work in mind (it was literally about April when I ordered these) I picked up a couple of blouses.  The one above I just adored the pattern and colours. I think it's a love or hate item... I love it. It's cut quite smart and hangs pretty loose on me. The material is very comfortable to wear but definitely needs a good iron after washing. The only downfall for me is the sleeve length is a little short so I just roll them up to three quarter sleeves.

Available online here.

Next is this embroidered white blouse. I really love this top and I wear it a lot; not just for work. It has a v-neck and short sleeves and kinda flows down after it gathers under the bust. Very pretty.

Available online here.

This next top you can see in my picture on the side of this blog post :) I wore it for a night out and really liked it. It's just loose fitting and very plain except the beading around the neck. Very glad to have this little number in my wardrobe :)

Available online here.

Every man and his dog has a stripy tee these days and now I do too. This is a very loose fitting and stretchy top. I think the opposite pocket colours and alternated stripes on the sleeve really make this item. Really lovely and I'm glad I picked this one up. And for the £7 it cost me it's an absolute bargain.

Available online here.

So I picked up two of the same top, one in white and one in black. Pretty risky business really on SheInside... if they're horrible then that's two duds instead of one.

Anyway, I looked at plenty of pictures that people had uploaded and they looked really nice. Plain, but pieces you could wear over and over again pairing them with different necklaces etc.

Available online here and here.

Next up is this colourful camisole. Again, the kaleidoscope pattern and colours caught my eye. Also, the strappy detail at the back is interesting too. I bought this with Summer in mind and thought it would look really nice with the denim shorts you can see further down the post. 

My work wardrobe consists mainly of blue and white patterned dresses. I don't know why... it just seems to be all I buy haha. This one is a very thin, skater style dress. It pulls in around the waist which makes it all the more prettier. You could also add a belt there to spruce it up a bit. It's actually a-symmetrical which it doesn't show on the website so I thought it had just been cut funny when I received it. When it's on though you can't really tell. 

I can't get over how much I love this t-shirt dress. I will get so much wear out of this throughout Autumn and Winter. I can just see it with boots and chunky scarves. Cannot wait. It has stretchy black sleeves and the body part is made of a jersey material. I would highly recommend this piece!

Another black dress here, doesn't look very nice on the pictures I've taken of it but on the website it's much more clear. Again, this will be lovely throughout the cooler months with it's long sleeves and crochet detail around the neck. It looks good as a loose swing dress and also paired with a belt around the waist. Very versatile.

Available online here.

I expected little from these denim shorts as I really thought the'd fit horrendously. On the website they looked gorgeous and I love the acid wash effect but I just had a feeling they wouldn't be what I wanted when they arrived.

However, I could't have been more wrong. They fit like a glove. I got them in a medium just because they're high waisted I didn't want them to be baggy around the waist and they look really nice.

They're super comfortable and will match with a lot of different things. Very pleased with these.

Available online here.

I have two more things in the 'good' section before I move on to things I'm feeling a bit meh about.

First is this lovely scarf. It was still cold when I ordered this and when it arrived in May I did get a few weeks of wear out of it. It's got a beautiful design on the lower sections and the colours are so vibrant and pretty. It's a very comfortable material to wear as it's made of cotton but it does have a slight cashmere feel to it. If I remember rightly you can but this in red too.

Available online here.

Last is this necklace which cost about £2 I think in the sale. The colours are really pretty and it's quite weighty too so it doesn't feel cheap. I thought this would look nice with the two black and white tops.

Available online here.

Moving onto the meh things now. Mostly these just don't look right on me and I don't like them or they look nothing like the pictures you see online.

First is this purple 'pleated' cami. I tried this on and it just didn't look very nice. It's so wide and boxy and doesn't fall like the picture suggests. It's a pretty colour but unless I was just having a bad day when I tried it on I don't think I'll be getting much wear out of it.

It's sold out at the moment but you can see what I mean about the misleading picture here.

Next is this gorgeous dog tooth dress. I picked it up in a medium (as I did everything else) but the size is so wrong. I can get into it but I look like a sausage so I doubt I'll be wearing it unless I ever become a size 6. Might give this one to my sister.  Beautiful dress just not the right size.

Available online here.

On the picture of this scarf it looks like they've turned up the vibrancy to make the colours look neon because online it looks so nice. When I opened it though I was disappointed to find it looked a bit like vomit. The colours don't really match, the pink is more like orange and I'm just not a fan.

Available online here.

Again, same problem with this scarf, the colours are not what the pictures show online. It looks tea stained or just plain dirty whereas the picture shows it as a cream/white with the colours popping from the background. 

I'm so disappointed with these scarves because they weren't particularly cheap either. You can walk into Primark and pick three or four gorgeous scarves up for £20 whereas these cost me near enough the same and are both grim. Shan't be falling for that again. 

This scarf is sold out at the moment but you can see it here if you want. 

The next two items are downright ugly and aren't worth so much as a penny in my books. I can't even give these away to someone who might like them because they are just not wearable. 

First, is this blue thing. Online it looked so pretty, like a teal, flowy top whereas in reality it's a turquoise, badly cut, rubbish material thing that probably won't see the light of day again.

Would not recommend that you buy this for yourself but just take a look online at the difference.

The very last thing I picked up is this green necklace which, again, looked like a gorgeous statement piece online but when it arrived it was shit. Badly made, you can see the wire on which the beads are threaded and all the different sections of beads clump together when you pick it up. Not good. Perhaps I can fix this in some way... I'm not too sure but it would be nice.

You can see it online here.

Overall, I really can't fault the majority of this SheInside order. Only two things are unwearable whereas the other four items I don't like, maybe somebody else will. 

My shipping this time took about a month. Longer than my last order which took three weeks. That's  because I ordered this necklace which I loved but for some reason it was preventing them from sending the order out to me. After about nine working days of 'processing' I emailed them to ask why it wasn't being shipped and they sent everything else except the necklace out so I waited about another week then asked for a refund as it still hadn't been shipped. They had no qualms and put the money straight back into my account. But I have no idea why it was a problem and I was annoyed that it had delayed the shipping. 

If you'd like a more in-depth review of SheInside (now I wrote one on my last haul where I go into much more detail about shipping, discount codes etc. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope the few bad items haven't put you off ordering from the site because they do have some lovely pieces of clothing you just have to be careful what you pick up. I did go on and place another order which arrived in July I think and I'll show you those items another day if you're interested?

Leave any questions, comments, concerns below and I'll get back to you asap!

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x 

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  1. I love how the two statement necklaces look even though the last one is quite bad quality wise.

    1. Thanks, I like them too, I hope I can find a way to fix the green one :)
      Leanne x


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