Get Ready With Me

Okay so boredom has hit an all time low throughout these Summer holidays, I have done nothing productive in about a week except get new glasses (which I'm loving btw) and make this video.

I originally recorded it just for myself as a practise/see if I could even do it kinda thing. I pretty much just wanted an excuse to play with iMovie because I love editing videos together; I used to be a big fan of Windows Movie Maker back in the school days.

Thus, the makeup is nothing fantastic... it's literally just what I slap on day-to-day. I am, however, pretty proud of my first editing venture... gosh I love Hozier and this remix is just the best.

You can watch the video below or here. Let me know what you think!

I'm trying to think of more interesting videos I can make without having to actually speak. #hatemyvoice Let me know if you can think of anything or else I'll probably just make another dramatic GRWM ;) I'm also going on a little adventure to Liverpool with my sister on Monday so I think I'll vlog that so that I can play with iMovie again. The excitement is real.

Thanks for reading/watching!
Hope you're all enjoying this gorgeous summery weather we're having...not.
Leanne x

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