Vlogging in Liverpool!

I can't believe it's been a week since my sister and I went to Liverpool. We had such a good couple of days, the weather was beautiful, we saw some awesome tourist attractions and did plenty of shopping. I have already posted a haul click here if you'd like to see the collection of goodies I picked up!

We got the train on Monday from Manchester, it takes about 40 minutes, not long at all and we stayed in The Britannia Adelphi Hotel which was in a brill location but was a bit old fashioned. We only stayed one night though and spent hardly any time in the room so it wasn't a big deal. Except the housekeeping woman let herself in at 9am to clean the room...we were still in bed. That was frustrating. 

Anyway, on Monday we went shopping. They have a huge Forever 21 which we don't have in Manchester so I loved that. I didn't go too overboard because I knew I had to carry everything home the next day. We went to Nandos for tea which was lovely and right next door to the Odeon where we watched The Gift. The film was good although not a scary as the trailer made out. We were sat next to the two most annoying girls who didn't stop talking and laughing all the way through. So that sort of ruined it for me. 

On Tuesday we walked up to the cathedral which is absolutely huge. It's free to get in but you can leave a donation if you want to. It's a beautiful building and definitely worth a visit if you're in the Liverpool area. Then we walked around the docks before getting our train home. It felt like we had been there only a few hours, it went so fast, but the weather treated us kindly and the trip has inspired me to visit more places in the future!

I tried to vlog bits and pieces but I was very conscious of people looking at me funny. I have edited some clips together though! You'll have no idea how long it's taken me to upload this video to YouTube and it's only 5 minutes long :'( I don't understand because my haul video only took about 20 minutes.  You can see the video here or below... hope you enjoy! (Sorry for the shaky cam!)

Thanks for watching/reading :)
See you next time, 
Leanne x

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