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Hello everyone! 

Yesterday I bought the ingredients to make some cookies! I've made them before but they went a bit wrong and I basically ended up with one huge tray of cookie. This time they worked out a lot better! 

There's not much to this method which adds to it's appeal if you ask me. I try to cook (on occasion) and fail the majority of the time. It's a good job Tom's an ex chef. lol. 

You'll Need:
Mixing Bowl
100g Brown Sugar
125g Caster Sugar
225g Self Raising Flour
125g Butter (softened)
1 egg (beaten lightly)
1tsp Vanilla Extract
200g Chocolate Chips (or however many you like)

(I actually halved the ingredients and still made 8 cookies) 

Add all the sugar, flour and chocolate together. I used Galaxy Counters and broken up Milky bar.

Add the egg, vanilla extract, butter and mix thoroughly to a doughy consistency!

Maybe use some gloves if you want (I did) to separate them to even balls..... lol.
I had to make them on pizza trays because we don't have a single decent baking tray in the house but use whatever works best for you! Whip them in the oven and just keep checking on them. I think mine took about 15mins because they're quite thick but I took them out when the edges were turning golden but the middle was still kinda gooey. 

And hey presto! 
Told you there wasn't much to it!

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Thanks for reading

The Leaning Tower of Cookies! 


  1. Adorei a receitinha e o seu blog também. Já estou te seguindo, se puder seguir de volta ficarei muito feliz!


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