How to fix a snapped nail!

Hello everyone!

How much do you hate it when all your nails are the same length then one just snaps? This happened to me yesterday on my little finger. It had broken pretty much to the middle but I really didn't want to cut it off so I fixed it...with a tea bag!

I started by cutting a tea bag in half and getting rid of the other half with the tea in it. Then I held it on top of my nail and drew a rough guide to cut around.

 I then coated my nail in clear nail polish and stuck the paper on making sure I'd covered right to the edge of the broken nail.

 After I'd placed it where I wanted it I cut the paper down to the length of my nail.

Then I repeated the whole process again just to make sure it was very sturdy. When all that had thoroughly dried I painted my nails as normal! 

You may need more than one coat as you can see it's a little bobbly still.
I think this is a really good trick, it's quick and easy and works better than any kind of nail glue I've ever tried! 

Thanks for reading!
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