Products I use for Dry and Sensitive Skin.

Hello everyone!

I've been meaning to write this post for so long but there's always been something more exciting to talk about so it's been put off until now.

Dry Skin

It's a lot of people's nemesis. It's not a particularly exciting topic but I think that it's something worth talking about. I actually suffer from quite dry and sensitive skin, it's not really bad but I do have to be careful what I use on my skin and I have to make it my business to keep it healthy and hydrated. So here are the products I like to use and work well with my skin to combat dryness. I hope this helps some of you out!

The first thing I have which is my go-to product, I use it almost every day and have done for about 10 years; E45.

Don't knock it. I have the Intense Recovery version because not too long ago I had a disaster on my face and just had patches of dry skin everywhere. This, I kid you not, cleared it up over night. It wasn't just blotches of dryness, my skin was painful and this really worked a treat. I swear by it. 

It's sensitive enough to use on any kind of skin so everyone in your household can get some use out of it. You don't even have to have very dry skin to benefit from this, you could just use it as a moisturiser. 

I use this product on my face, arms, hands and it's great to rehydrate your legs after shaving. It's just a brilliant all-round product. I't not greasy at all, I does take a while to sink in but once it has you don't know it's there. Sometimes I like to use it under my makeup too.

Price: £5.49
You can view it online HERE.

I'm mentioning this product because until not that long ago I didn't even know that it existed. For some reason I get weird red rashes from time to time in the crease of my elbows. It looks like eczema but it isn't I've been told it's just dry skin that flares up from time to time. 

I was advised to use this Hydrocortisone cream which works an absolute treat! This is something you have to ask for at a counter but if you suffer from itchy, red dryness this may work well for you too. 

If you do use it, do read the box first. You can't use it for over 5 days at a time and it can thin your skin if you use too much. I don't want to be the cause of any problems but I thought I'd give it a mention as it's something I use often and it works very well!

Next, deodorant. If your skin is irritable, chances are your underarms can get painful. Try to use something that's kind and gentle to your skin for example, Nivea

I love the Pearl & Beauty roll on deodorants, I've used them for years and I've never had any problems whereas I've found myself having allergic reactions to some deodorants designed for sensitive skin which is weird. They smell really nice but it's not over powering and they last all day. 

Personally, I'd recommend that you use a roll on, despite the fact that sprays seem to be more popular, because I think they're so much more gentle to skin. You're not blasting your underarms with cold spray everyday and I also find them to be more hydrating too. 

Having said that, I did take the Nivea double effect spray on holiday with me and just threw it in my beach bag and I didn't have any problems with it. I don't tend to use it day-to-day though. 

Price: £1.05 (it's on offer right now. RRP £2.10)
View online HERE.

 I have two cleansers which I find to suite my skin. One more than the other. 

I absolutely love the No.7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser. I am going to write a full review on this product soon as it's quickly made it's way in to my daily routine. It's a very gentle gel which turns to a more creamy substance as you rub it in to your face. This particular version is for normal to dry skin which is perfect for my skin type and I think you can get one for normal skin but I'm not 100% sure. It doesn't tingle at all if I leave it on for a few minutes and it leaves my skin feeling so soft. 

Also, you really don't have to pay loads of money for it. It's £9.00 RRP put if you use one of the £5 off No.7 skincarse vouchers it's only £4 and it really is worth it! Honestly!

The Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser is a tricky one for me. I wrote a full review on it a while back which you can read HERE. I do like this product but I think it's over priced and doesn't really do much accept remove your makeup. I don't see a lasting effect which I kind of expect for something that costs £14.

Also, I can't leave this product on my face for as long as I can the No.7 Cleanser because it starts to tingle and feel uncomfortable. However, if your skin isn't too sensitive you should be okay with this!

No.7 Cleanser:
Price: £9.00
View online HERE.

Liz Earle:
Price: £14.75 for the 100ml Starter Kit
View online HERE.    

On to hands and feet! I don't have particularly sensitive feet but they do get dry and I find that the Soap & Glory Heel Genius helps a lot! Sometimes I smother this on my feet, put on a pair of socks and sleep with it working its magic. Sometimes I put it in a foot massager and that works really nicely. Also I took it on holiday and applied it most nights and it stopped my feet from drying out. 

My hands though, do get dry. They're pretty dry all year round but they definitely get worse in winter. Sometimes I like to just use E45 on my hands if they're stingy but for a quick hydrate the Soap & Glory Hand Food works great although I don't find it to be a good long-term solution. For that I'd just recommend E45 because the Hand Food isn't going to get rid of dry skin, it's just prevents it in my experience. 

Heel Genius:
Price: £5.50
View online HERE.

Hand Food:
Price: £5.00 (you can buy travel sizes for £2.50)
View online HERE.

Lastly, I wasn't sure whether to add this or not but I may as well just give it a mention as it's my go-to self tan, I've used the Dove Summer Glow for probably about 5 years and I've never had any problems with it. It's a moisturising gradual tan so as well as giving you a sun kissed glow it's going to be doing something good for your skin too. 

Dove is also a skin care range which specialises in sensitive skin and a lot of their products are dermatologically tested so I'm confident that I'm not putting any harsh chemicals on my skin when I use this. I would highly recommend it if you're someone who uses tan a lot but find that it dries your skin out because that is definitely something that happens to me except with this product!

Price: £2.49 (it's on offer at the moment, RRP: £4.99).
View online HERE.

Another tip I'll just quickly mention is gloves! Whenever you're using something like cleaning products or generally something your hands don't take well to buy yourself a box of gloves and wear them whilst your cleaning etc, them cleaning product will not do your skin any good! 

I really hope this helped you out, dry skin is a horrible thing to suffer with!
Thanks for reading!
See you next time,
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  1. I love Dove Summer Glow it's so good! And I love love love soap&glory products! Your blog is great by the way :) xo

    1. Thanks! You really can't go wrong with the Summer Glow :D xx

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