How to: Purple Ombré!

Hello everyone!

My hair has been purple ombré for about a month now and it was in desperate need for a touch up. I was not prepared to pay another £70 at the hairdressers so I had to take matters in to my own hands and thought I'd take you along with me.

Before & After
I absolutely love the way ombré hair looks I just wish it wasn't so high maintenance. Having said that,  I'm actually really pleased with the way my DIY attempt turned out to say this is the first time EVER that I have dyed my own hair! 

The products I used are:

'Colour Restore Iced Platinum' toner to lift my blonde. You can buy this at Boots and it's currently on offer for £7.99. Click HERE.
(I would highly recommend picking this up if you want to ombré your hair, it works really well on highlighted hair that's looking a little faded).

Directions Conditioning hair dye in the colour 'Lilac' - £4.99 (and free delivery). You can see that HERE.

Above, you can see what my hair looked like before hand. As you can see, my purple had faded to pink which is definitely not the colour I was going for.

Try to ignore all the shiz in the b/g on these pics! haha
The first thing I did was wash my hair with my Aussi shampoo. On the Colour Restore box it does say to use a clear shampoo or baby shampoo to leave less residue to help the toner work but I didn't have anything like that so I just used my normal shampoo and it appeared to work fine. 

The toner is purple in colour but don't worry it doesn't actually leave any purple in your hair.

I left this on for approx. 15mins give or take. If you leave it on for 20mins you're supposed to get 'platinum' colour but mine is no where near platinum so if that's the colour you want I'd leave it on longer (if you have fine hair maybe it will work in 20mins, I'm not sure).

Also, I'll just mention that you might think it's had no affect on your hair whilst it's still wet but it definitely shows up more when it's dry.

Next, I dried my hair off a bit with the hair dryer because I didn't want to apply the Directions dye to wet hair. 

My technique for using the dye was to section off the top part of my hair which is just layers and doesn't have any purple on it. Then I just used the colour I already had as a guide. If you don't already have a guide I'd recommend making the centre of the back of your hair the highest point of the dye and make apply it lower down as you work your way round to the front. I hope that makes sense? 

I left the dye on for about 35mins. It says to leave it on between 15-30 mins but I just got a bit carried away. It's supposed to be a light colour, 'lilac', but because I applied it on top of a darkish colour I knew it was never going to be as light as it's meant to be. Obviously the less time you leave it on, the lighter it'll be.

After I washed it again, I dried it and straightened it and you can see the finished look above! 

I'm really happy with how it turned out, I was nervous about ruining my hair and thinking about going back to the hairdressers but I just decided I was going to go for it and I'm so glad I did!

I hope this was helpful to anyone who is thinking about ombréing their hair, both products I used I would highly recommend and if you have any further question just leave them in the comments and I'll try to help you out!

Thanks for reading!
P.S. I think I managed to take a picture in almost every room in the house! achieved

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