True Blood Season 6! ***Spoilers***

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Before I go any further if you haven't yet seen True Blood Season 6 or any particular episode, stop reading now! 

Who else has been watching season 6 of True Blood?! I've just finished watching episode 10 and I can't believe it's over! I'm so sad that it's finished. It definitely doesn't seem like 10 weeks ago when it started. I think it's been a really good season all round with plenty of surprises along the way. Let me know what your thoughts on this season are! 

One of the biggest shocks for me was Terry's death. I LOVED Terry, he was quickly becoming one of my favourite characters and now he's gone! I felt so sorry for Arlene and annoyed that he actually went through with the 'suicide', I really didn't think he would and I didn't think they'd write his character out. It's so sad. :( But I thought his funeral was portrayed so well and I was pleased to see some parts of his life that we wouldn't have seen otherwise e.g. when he first met Arlene. Another shock was Eric, I found his sun bathing in the snow in Sweden hilarious but what has happened to him? I didn't get it when he burst in to flames did he actually die or will he be in the next season? To be honest, I'm fairly confident that he will be, they wouldn't write out such a main character surely?  

Another thing that weirded me out in this season was how quickly Sam moved on from Luna to Nicole! It was only about two days! I couldn't believe it but I'm glad that he's with some one because I think he deserves it and as much as I like Sookie I'd be lying if I said I wasn't pleased when he told her where to go. 

My favourite characters this season would be Pam, I think she's hilarious. I like Adilyn, she wasn't featured a lot but I think she's a great new character and I hope they give her a big story line next season! I also think that she's given us the chance to see a different side to Andy, he's been such an entertaining character this season. I also love Jessica but I've always loved Jessica since she was turned in to a vampire many seasons ago! Did anyone miss Hoyt this season? I thought I'd really miss him when he left but I really didn't which is strange. Bilith peed me off immensely in season 5 and continued to throughout the whole of season 6 even when he lost his powers he was still being a k""b. And I can't believe Warlow either after all the fear and trying to kill him then he turned nice and Sookie agreed to marry him and let him turn her then he just went mental again! I can't believe we all fell in to the trap of believing he was pretty nice (well I did, I don't know about anyone else ahha). 

A character who I kind of hate but couldn't help find hilarious, probably just out of disbelieve, is Sarah. She is a twisted woman. But whenever she did something crazy like cover up Truman's death then go on about how close she is to God it just made me laugh, she's crazy. *Praise his light* I hope that next season they do something about Violet who seems to have 'claimed' Jason but if I'm honest I have a feeling something's going to happen with her I think we'll be seeing a bit more of her next season which I'm not relishing, she's so annoying!  

Also the whole of the 'Six months later' thing was so surreal. I thought it was some kind of dream or something because it all seemed so unreal. Sookie must be with Alcide now which, I admit, they were kind of playing on when he turned up at the funeral but I really didn't expect it. And the whole 'everyone choose a vampire' thing was just so unusual. 

AND does anyone else have a nasty feeling that Lettie was infected with the Hep V virus and Tara fell for it? I have a horrible feeling that that's what happened there... I really hope I'm wrong! Lettie was crazy and I think she may still have a little crazy left. 
Anyway, I'm gonna go now because I'm half way through season 4 of the Vampire Diaries so that has got to be finished! I also need to get back in to Breaking Bad! Has anyone else been watching that on Netflix? It's really good but it takes some 'getting in to' if you know what I mean.

Let me know how you've been finding True Blood if you've been watching it! I'm always up for a True Blood discussion! :D 

Thanks for reading !
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P.s. When Season 7 starts I'll have finished university! :o 


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