Beauty Wishlist!

Hello everyone!

There are a vast amount of things I have my eye on at the moment beauty wise. Superdrug have a few offers on at the moment and I'm tempted to go shopping and just buy the things I want! I have a bad habit of sitting on my laptop adding things to my basket on websites then never actually buying them. Mainly because I don't like waiting for things to arrive, I'd much rather just go out and buy them! So here are a few things I have my eye on at the moment! 

After using my 2 colour tattoos I mentioned a few posts ago, I'd really like to get some more! I'd like to try Eternal Gold and Permanent Taupe. I've loved the ones I already have so I know these won't be a wasteful buy. I'm also very interested in the Maybelline BB Cream I've seen others wearing them and they look gorgeous. I'd also like to try one of the GOSH lipliners and Multi Coloured blushers as they also look very pretty! Also, MaxFactor have a new 'Whipped' foundation out and it's on a promotional offer of £7.99 at the moment and I really want to try it. I tried it on my hand a few days ago and it felt so lovely and when I got home I regretted not picking it up.

Lip products really never used to tickle my pickle. I was much more interested in buying loads of eyeshadows thinking that was the most convenient way to put a pop of colour on my face. Recently though I've been increasing my lip product collection as I have a new found love for bright lips! 

I've heard good things about the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars and I'm desperate to try one. I'm in love with the colour of the 'Harlot' shade, it's beautiful. Summer may be coming to an end (boo) but that will not stop me from using this gem. 

They're £11.50 which I don't think is too bad considering MAC lipsticks are £14.00 and these are a lot more concentrated and last longer! 

My sister and I are planning on going to Manchester shopping on Monday so I have a feeling some of these will be bought then...
What's on your wish list?

Thanks for reading!
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