2015 Goals

Hello everyone!

Do you remember last year when I wrote my 2014 Goals? If you've been with me for a while you should because I wrote quarterly follow up posts throughout the year showing my progress. If you'd like to see them you can, hereherehere and here. I'm so pleased that I wrote them goals and I can proudly announce that I achieved them all. Some better than others, but there was progress. 

So I've decided to do the same this year. Feel free to join me! If you're going to take part, I'll be writing my progress posts in April, August and December. I call them 'goals' rather than 'resolutions' because some are not changes I want to make but things I want to achieve.

So let's begin with 2015's goals....

1. Be more online. 

This follows on from last year's resolutions. I want to continue to blog throughout 2015 but I want to be more active in communicating with others. For example, I read loads of blogs and watch loads of YouTube videos but I never comment or Tweet people. I really want to make some blogger friends this year, basically. Anyone? 

2. Be more confident.

I have come to the conclusion that I would be a better human being if I was a little bit tipsy 100% of the time. Alcohol is confidence in a glass. This year, I want to stop myself from second and triple guessing everything I do and just bloody well do it. 

3. Buy a coffee machine. 

Very nearly achieved this on Black Friday, the Nescafe Dolce Gusto machines were discounted to about £30 but the only one left in stock was a red one and I don't like red. Definitely need to get me a Tassimo or some hot drinks making device this year. 

4. Save up.

I don't know what for yet but I know that some day I'll thank myself. 

5. Go to more places. 

Last year I wanted to do more things that didn't involve shopping. Didn't fully achieve that goal but I decided to accept the fact that I like to shop a lot and move on with my life. 

This year, as well as shopping, I want to visit more places. I actually kick this one off next weekend as my friends and I are going to Liverpool for my birthday! Woop. Also, I might be trying to run before I can walk here but I really would like to visit Paris this year... 

6. Do more cooking.

I suck at cooking. I can currently make: toast, crumpets, turkey burgers and sandwiches. I really want to up my game this year. I might buy a Jamie Oliver 15 minute book thingy. I hope that I'm not genuinely rubbish at cooking and that it's just my lack of experience (my parents have always cooked for me) that's holding me back. Keep your eyes peeled for some pasta posts guys!! I love pasta. 

And that wraps it up! Let's hope I do as well this year as I did last year in achieving some goals! Don't forget to let me know in the comments what your 2015 goals are!
See you next time, 
Leanne x
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  1. Great goals! I am not a good cook either but at least you can make like four dishes while I can only make toast. :) But maybe I will check out Jamie Oliver's book so my mother can get a break from cooking. Lovely post!


    1. Even toast is a challenge somedays my friend haha!
      Thanks for reading! Leanne x


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