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Hello everyone!

Are you ready for pt.3 of my home renovation posts? Last time, the walls of my new room had just been plastered and since then everything has been painted, furniture has arrived and I have moved in! I will be doing a room tour post but I thought it would make more sense to write this first. 

See: Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven't already :)

So after everything was plastered I got a door which had to be cut down to fit and there's basically nothing left of it anymore. It does look pretty cute though, because it's so small. 

Then all the walls were painted just matte white emulsion. They had two coats of paint which was definitely as tedious as it sounds. 

All of the woodwork like skirting boards and door frames were primed then painted with a satin white paint. 

Then I bought my carpet from Carpetright. It's a grey/blue colour and it matches everything so well. I'm really pleased with it, for carpet and underlay it cost £130. 

My wardrobes were a challenge because of the shape of the room. At first my Dad was going to buy the wood and make the wardrobes but then we couldn't find doors that were small enough and cheap enough. So we bought cheap-ish wardrobes from Ikea and just hacked them down to the size we wanted them. Still a lot of work but it was cheaper and I think in the long run, easier. I'll show you them properly in my room tour but you can kind of see them in the last picture.

Then I started buying my furniture. Most of it is from Ikea and it's all white. 

And lastly my bed and mattress arrived. I'm totally in love with my bed I've been lusting after in it Debenhams for years and now I finally have one. It's by Bentley Designs and it's called the Antique Krystal Nickel Bed. I bought it from Beds On Legs .com because it was much cheaper than Debenhams. I bought my mattress from Groupon as they always have really good deals on that website and most things have free delivery. 

So that's it... my room is done and dusted. The new bathroom is still not even insulated but that will wait until some downstairs rooms are decorated. 

Here's a video I've been compiling for the last three months! If you can't view it, click this link.

Thanks for reading, look out for my room tour post!
Leanne x
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