Birthday Weekend | Photo diary

Hello everyone!

This is a bit of a random post but I just wanted to share a few pictures from my birthday weekend. They're not excellent quality and I'm not going to lie... they're mostly alcohol related. Enjoy nonetheless!

Friday night my friends from work and I went to a new Frankie & Benny's which opened near where I live. One drink lead to another and we ended up on a night out. 

Whilst deciding where we were going we made our own fancy cocktails (pretty much just put Smirnoff ice and wine in fancy glasses) but I was pretty impressed with how Pinterest worthy they look.

Despite an absolute struggle I managed to get up and make my 11:11 train to Liverpool. Look how cool the wrapping paper is that my friends got me... it's got dinosaurs on it!

After a Weatherspoons dinner I felt miles better. How gorgeous are the chips from there? Mmm Mm.

The hotel we stayed in is called 30 James Street and I can not recommend it enough. It was the only place I could find that allowed more than 3 adults to stay in one room, it was the cheapest and it was the most beautiful. I think it cost £126 for the night which between 4 of us was not bad at all. 

The hotel is Titanic themed and sported awesome decorations and features such as this jacuzzi. 

This was one of the first drinks of the night. It came in a test tube and tasted gorgeous... what more can you ask for? 

After that the pictures get 10x more embarrassing and no one needs to see that ;)

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x
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