OOTD: Weekly Work Wear | 18-23 Jan

Hello everyone!

Another week... gone. Time really does fly. So this week I was pretty pleased with finding three different outfits to show you for work... only to realise the first one is duplicated from last week. I've decided that my hair is different and I don't have a scarf on so it's justified? (I just didn't want to edit the photo again lol).

I'm hoping to find some new work shoes this weekend because these ones are getting slightly tatty and my feet just freeze in them so maybe next week there will be some shoe variation! Anyway, let's crack on....

Photo One
Top: Primark
Pants: Primark
Shoes; London Rebel 

Photo Two
Dress: Boohoo.com
Tights: Primark
Boots: Sainsbury's

Photo Three
Top: New Look
Pants: Primark 
(These are black and white check although it's difficult to tell)
Shoes: London Rebel

I'm thinking that these work wear posts might work better on a bi-weekly basis? Just so there's more content to them? Or maybe adding a makeup picture for everyday too? I haven't quite decided yet. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for reading!
Leanne x
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