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Hello everyone!

This post has been chilling in my drafts since 2014. Hahaha. No it has been there a while and I'm only just getting around to reviewing it, I ended up deleting about 50 drafts because I knew I was never going to write them. Feel like I've had a spring clean. 

Please excuse the black and white-ness of the pictures below, we have a green bath and well, ya know, it's green so the pics weren't great in colour.

This is the Tisty Tosty bath bomb from Lush which I bought for it's irresistible talk scent. It costs £3.35 and I think I would buy it again. Lush says it has floral, rose and lemon scents in it but all I can describe it as is talk. It has seven rose buds in it which rise to the top of the water and float around, it's a really pretty and luxurious treat.

I'd recommend this product to someone who has trouble sleeping because after a 15minute-ish long bath I was ready for sleep and it was about 6pm. It really makes you feel relaxed, slightly lethargic and content. If I buy this one again I'll hold off and have a late bath so I'm not slothing about the house all evening. 

As a bath bomb, it fizzes when you put it in the water and dissolves a lot easier than the Candy Mountain bath melt I tried last time. Once it's fully dissolved your water does turn clear again and it doesn't leave any bubbles. Unless you have a less deep bath then it might stay a white colour...

I'm looking forward to trying my lemony bath ballistic next because that just smells gorgeous!

What's your favourite Lush bath bomb? 
Are there any you'd like me to review? 

See you next time, 
Leanne x
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