Primarni Haulin'

Hello everyone!

I feel like I haven't written a haul post in ages. I've bought quite a lot of things lately but I'm still waiting on them all from the post man... However yesterday, my Mum and I took ourselves into town for a mooch around Primark and some dinner and I bought some actual, non cyber-related, items.

First, can we just appreciate this blazer for a second? It was in the sale for only £10.00, there were only about 5 left, and I just can't believe that I found such a bargain. I'll wear this for work and normal life with jeans. It'll be awesome. Very excited about this. 

Next I picked up some socks because someone eats socks in my house, I'm sure of it. I bought black ones for work with colourful bits (so I know which ones are mine in the wash) and I bought some pretty floral ones for everyday life. 
Socks <3

I am always besotted by the cute and girly things Primark sell in their Home section but I usually pass because you can soon have too much decorative cluster in one room, right? 

I saw these few bits and pieces though, looked at the prices, and decided they must come home with me. So I picked up this trio of cushion-y love hearts (£2.50) which I've hung on my wardrobe and draw knobs...

...This love heart dangly thing (£2.00) which surprisingly feels quite heavy and expensive. The hearts make a really satisfying noise when they bang together. Not too dissimilar from when two snooker balls hit each other. Strange, I know. Also, shout out to the tall guy who helped us reach this down from the top shelf...

...And finally this shiny silver tea light holder (£1.50) which finishes off my candle display just nicely. 

Last but not least, are the items I went to Primark for in the first place. I desperately needed a new dressing gown because the one I used is about 10 years old and looked filthy even when washed. I settled on a white and blue star pattern (£10.00) and I saw some cheap slippers for £3.00 which I couldn't resist either. Because I'm naughty. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, 
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See you next time, 
Leanne x
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Thoughts of the day
  • Sorry that the lighting is shocking in these pictures. I get home from work and by time I've got sorted it's already dark... but I really wanted this post to go up today. 
  • Anyone been watching the second series of Broardchurch? I really, really love it. It's made me totally understand the David Tennant obsession that everyone seems to have.
  • I spied some new MaxFactor blushes in Superdrug yesterday and they were £6.99 on promotional offer and I really want some. They will be £9.99 full price which I can't help but think is a bit pricy. Has anyone tried them yet?


  1. That dressing gown looks so cozy, I actually want to reach in and touch it!

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  2. Hei :)
    awesome post and I nominate you to the Liebster Blog Award :)
    Liebe Grüße Sarah ♥


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